Trella - the "Ironman" behind the screen

Ironman is one of the most legendary sports competitions in the world. It gathers decades of unbelievable performances and inspiring and memorable moments with athletes worldwide. Athletes who challenged their bodies, mind, and spirit in incredible ways.


The connection between Ironman and AROBS started years ago, when our founder&CEO, Voicu Oprean, finished his first triathlon competition. Moreover, AROBS has been the main sponsor of one of the most renowned competitions in Romania, AROBS X-Man Oradea.


Fast forward to 2022, there is the story of our own “Ironman,” Trella Tamas– software developer in our Automotive team and semi-professional athlete in his free time.

There’s no secret that developing software and passions simultaneously is something we, the AROBS people, are very good at. Our colleagues are encouraged to pursue the things that make them thrive, whether their passion for technology and innovation or passions for sports, arts, music and so on.


When it comes to sports, many of our colleagues have remarkable results. Tamas is one of the most perseverent sportsmen we’re proud to have on our team. He has an impressive sports history starting his childhood. He finished 10th place (individual male race) in the Half Distance Ironman Race at AROBS X-Man Oradea in July 2022. And, very soon after our event, in his incredible journey of endurance, Tamas has just qualified for the 2022 Ironman World Championship, in Kona, Hawaii, after getting tremendous times in the Ironman Gdynia event in August.


For any triathlon aficionado, the Kona is the pinnacle of endurance races and the supreme dream of generations of athletes.

Curious how an athlete can get to Kona? Read our interview with him about habits, perseverance, ambition, patience, and family legacy.


1. When and how was this passion for sports and competitions born?

Even as a child, my parents took me to practice different sports: swimming, tennis, skiing, and basketball. I have swum for more than 7 years, achieving outstanding results. I was always on the move; I tried football and later cycling in school, which became more than a hobby. I liked to compete and always wanted to push myself for more. The sport was always part of my life, and I’m raising my children similarly.


2. Which was the first thrialton you participated in?

In 2016, three guys at a beer night decided that we should try to do in relay mix a cross triathlon race organized in our city (Targu Mures, n.ed), each of us would do one of the disciplines. As I had a background in swimming, I chose to swim the first open water swim of 1500m. I started to train with my friends, thinking I should try to do it the whole competition (swim, bike, and run). So, I did. The struggle was real, but I finished. It was a good experience; I’ve been active in this sport since then.


3. What does preparing for such an event imply: nutrition, training, motivation?

Usually, the season ends in October (if you are lucky, with no injuries), and the base preparation starts in November-December for the next season.

The training depends on what kind of triathlon competitions you are preparing for: cross triathlon, Olympic triathlon, half Ironman or Ironman distances. I did it all in this sport. I started with shorter distances, and now I’m preparing for half ironman/ironman distances which require many hours of training. I generally have between 12-15 hours of training/week, shorter training on working days, and longer (2-3 hours) on the weekends. It requires motivation and determination; even when you are not in the mood to do the training, you must see the primary goal. I enjoy exercise, it switches me off, and I have time to concentrate and organize myself for the rest of the day.


4. What principles from sports transpose in your professional activity?

Sport can teach you that if you work hard, results will come; you have to be patient. It also teaches that you can’t win each and every time: if the result is not as expected, you must move on, learn from it, and prepare for the next challenge. Through the years, I had great racing experiences and bad ones when I was suffering, trying to cross the finish line. Physically, I have become stronger, can handle stressful situations much better, and can work under pressure.


5. Tell us about the most beautiful moment in your sports history.

I’ve had many lovely memories and many good results over the years. I ended up national champion in my age group 4 times (also in 2022). I often placed myself in the top three on the half Ironman distances. Still, the most precious were the competitions I could share with my family. When my children support me during the race, giving me the strength and motivation to continue. If possible, I travel to the races with my family, who are already involved in this sport.


6. How were the last two competitions, X-Man Oradea and Gdynia 2022, for you?

In one word: HOT. 😊 I was well prepared for this race (X-Man) and wanted to finish in the first 10. I had an excellent swim of 30 minutes, and I started the bike leg on the 7. I had a good bike pace; I finished in 2:30 hours and had sufficient power to start the run. I’ve tried to fill the tank all the time, as it was around 38C, but around km 10, at the run leg, I started to feel the pain because of the heat. From that point, it was challenging; I struggled until I properly refilled myself and could run at a decent pace at the end of the race even though I ended up on 10. In general, I’m satisfied with the result in these conditions. The race was well organized, and the staff tried to “chill us down” in the burning sun.


Gdynia was my first participation in a long-distance Ironman: for some time, I’ve been playing with the idea of a real Ironman, an entire competition, but I didn’t feel prepared enough for this competition. At the beginning of the year, I talked with a coach to help me prepare. Only after the results obtained at the world championship (3rd place) and the national championship (1st place), I made the decision that the time has come; I seem to be in the best shape so far, sooo let’s do it! That’s how I signed up for Ironman Gydnia in Poland. AROBS was by my side every step and supported me in this competition, which I thought would be the first and last IRONMAN I would take start in. Well, it seems not. Stay tuned cause the biggest challenge is yet to come.


The Ironman World Championship 2022 will take place in Kahlua-Kona, Hawaii, and Tamas will stand alongside the world’s strongest athletes. What a performance!

But his journey for Kona is just beginning. And we will make sure to document it every step of the way.

Cause we’re #MoreThanJustATeam. We’re your biggest fans that support you every step of the way.

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