AROBS Automotive Team at Embedded World

“Cars don’t work unless we do” – the phrase summarizes the excellent work of our Automotive team. Providing software development and hardware services, our colleagues work on delivering state-of-the-art solutions based on long-term partnerships with our clients and continuous improvement. One of the best proofs of our team’s dedication, high-quality work, and automotive standards compliance is the 2021 Supplier of the Year Award offered by Continental for Engineering Services. This year, our colleagues attended the Embedded World conference to strengthen their abilities as another step towards pursuing high-quality results. 

Our team goes through periodical training to keep growing the and has permanent access to learning platforms. When looking for evolution of software engineering services the most engaging part is often attending industry-related conferences. We saw the enthusiasm when Alex T., one of our automotive engineering team leaders, talked about the booths he attended at Embedded World with his colleagues and shared the whole experience with us. 

Continue reading to discover the growth opportunities attending such an event has for our teams regarding networking, learning about new technologies, and doing business. 

What is Embedded World?

Embedded World is an exhibition & conference created for embedded communities worldwide. This year’s edition took place in Nuremberg on the 14-16 of March. Industry leaders gathered to explore the latest trends in embedded systems, modules, components, hardware, and software architecture – anything related to this complex industry. Attendees discovered products and solutions for embedded software services  and systems, such as hardware, systems, tools, application software, electronic displays, embedded vision, Machine-2-Machine Communication, and safety. 

Given the various solutions, visitors have learned more about the latest technologies while exploring new business opportunities. Networking with embedded leaders of the world can be the first step towards new successful projects, so our colleagues working in Automotive had plenty of reasons to attend Embedded World.

Our Automotive Engineering and Software Development specialists have profound expertise in Body Control Modules, Door Control ECUs, Gateway ECUs, Radars, Instrument Clusters, Head-Up Displays, Infotainment Systems, Telematics, and more. Attending Embedded World was a vital way of know-how consolidation for our team to maintain their high-quality work. 

Networking & learning about the Latest Automotive Technologies

According to Alex, part of our Automotive team had the opportunity to meet the representatives of one of our suppliers attending Embedded World. They discovered more functionalities of the AUTOSAR-compliant tool they’re providing. Moreover, our colleagues found out they can join a learning program to become expert certified trainers, allowing them to teach existing and new colleagues about the tool they’re providing. 

Joining the program can be extremely helpful for the team’s skills growth. Until now, if the tool was bought by a client with certain specifications, it couldn’t be showcased to those who weren’t assigned to the project. After obtaining the certificate, trainers can present the tool generally and be prepared to work with it when needed. 

Another Embedded World booth Alex said was inspiring was of a company providing various modules that our experts can integrate into automotive projects. The most interesting were Bluetooth Protocols, GPS, small radars, and NFC communication devices. Our colleagues noticed that Modules are easily configurable and they might be useful in supporting the learning process for any future internship. 

The Most Important Automotive Trend Discussed at Embedded World

Given the fast evolution of technology in the past years, especially when talking about AI, many expected to see revolutionary ideas in the automotive industry at Embedded World. But rather than presenting unusual ideas, the focus was on improving the past year’s technologies. Autonomous driving is still the main character in the field. Specialists are now concerned about improving self-driving cars and developing better algorithms, sensors, lane assist, and auto braking systems. 

The main idea is that every project must be safe and secure for any vehicle, whether self-driving or traditional. Alex highlighted that safety has become increasingly important in recent years. He worked on a head-up display project where his team discovered that when passing a tunnel, the display lights might blind the driver. To avoid such cases, the system underwent a rigorous testing process. It prolonged the project for a few months, but delivering a safe result was essential. 

Future Plans for our Automotive Team

Being at Embedded World was worthwhile for our Automotive colleagues. They had the opportunity to meet and discuss with collaborators, explore future business opportunities, and explore new modules that would be extremely helpful when opening new internships. In addition to this, being able to receive a certificate will allow our colleagues to hold training courses and share valuable know-how with the whole team. In conclusion, learning and growing is the primary plan to make future cars work. 

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