AROBS is a national partner at Innovation Labs 2022 - 10th edition! We support Industry 4.0 & Smart City projects

AROBS Transilvania Software is one of the essential Romanian contributors in the software development field! So we are more than happy to announce that we are officially the national partner of Innovation Labs 2022! AROBS will offer mentorship for Industry 4.0 & Smart City project developers. Our company has extensive experience thanks to the innovative projects tailored to improve public and private sector processes.

AROBS stands in this partnership among universities and innovation specialists such as UiPath, Microsoft, VTEX, and Elrond. On this occasion, Voicu Oprean, CEO of AROBS, will participate in the jury panel with other program partners and entrepreneurship experts. This partnership is another contribution to educating the new generation in addition to the internships recently organized by AROBS.

Innovation Labs 2022 and AROBS help youngsters turn their ideas into business

Innovation Labs 2022 is a pre-acceleration business program dedicated to young technology enthusiasts. Whether you are a student, entrepreneur, or even a researcher in the field, you can turn their ideas into a minimum viable product (MVP) by the end of the program. It is the longest-running national program in the field, and it has contributed to developing an impressive number of start-ups with over 5 million euros invested in the last three years.

The 10th edition of the Innovation Labs program will be a hybrid event, and it will start with a selection of the best business ideas. At this stage, the participants will present their business ideas by participating in one of the Hackathons on March 12-13 (Cluj-Napoca, Iași, and Timișoara) and March 19-20 (Sibiu and Bucharest). The selected teams will benefit from a 5-month mentoring period, and at the end, on July 26, the participants will present the final prototypes at Demo Day.

Innovation Labs 2022 will run on multiple verticals, such as Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Digital Commerce, including Industry 4.0 & Smart City – the vertical where AROBS contributes with specialized expertise. Regardless of the chosen field, we encourage young people to turn their ideas into reality. The event is the perfect opportunity to receive technological support in a friendly environment. As Răzvan Rughiniș, co-founder of the program, said: Make it real! Tech enthusiasts can find more details about enrolling in the program on the Innovation Labs website.

Why does AROBS support Industry 4.0 & Smart City at Innovation Labs 2022?

Industry 4.0, also known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution, changes the workflow in organizations in all fields. An IBM analysis shows that Industry 4.0 increases productivity and service quality by reducing costs and time of distribution and production. According to McKinsey, technology has been more useful than ever in the last years. More than 39% of large companies have implemented automation solutions to deal with pandemic restrictions.

The industrial revolution does not stop, and the most crucial component is the IoT. Statistics show that over 72% of organizations believe IoT has the most significant tech part of their business. AROBS has more than a decade of experience implementing IoT solutions for worldwide customers. Our company supports young people through mentoring offered at Innovation Labs 2022 as the field grows. Moreover, we are organizing internship programs at AROBS Junior Academy for those who want a great career start in tech!

The concept of Smart City is closely linked to Industry 4.0. The EU defines it as a city where telecommunications systems connect traditional services and networks to benefit companies and citizens. AROBS develops intelligent solutions to improve the economy, the environment, urban mobility, and even the administration. We envision Innovation Labs 2022 participants to understand the Industry 4.0 & Smart City innovation significance. We are glad to offer mentorship at the 5-month program, and we are also open to sharing our experience with new colleagues in our company!

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