AROBS posts a consolidated turnover of 300.9 million lei and a net profit of 46.3 million lei in 2022

Cluj-Napoca, February 28, 2023 – AROBS Transilvania Software (BVB: AROBS), the largest technology company listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange, posts a consolidated turnover of 300.9 million lei in 2022, a 58% increase compared to 2021, EBITDA of 66.7 million lei, a 22% increase and a net profit of 46.3 million lei, a net margin of 15%.

In 2022, we had a particularly intense activity, being involved in the further development of the four pillars of our long-term strategy – concentric diversification based on research and innovation, the development of new areas of expertise, dynamic M&A activity, and the implementation of the first stage of the SOP program, which aims to transform our colleagues into partners of the group. All these activities contributed to the growth of AROBS’s performance in terms of financial results, and we were able to contract new international partners, experience increased demands in software services, and increase the number of clients in software products. AROBS celebrates 25 years since its establishment, a significant moment for us, considering that, although we have gone through multiple challenges and economic crises, we are still a 100% Romanian entrepreneurial business that, in the long term, aims to become the most important international player in the IT industry, with innovative services and products, a potential unicorn in the coming years. We continue to develop new specializations in high demand in the global software services market through acquisitions and organically, while continuously diversifying the knowledge within the AROBS teams, to cover a wider range of projects. Also, in 2023, we want to transfer the AROBS shares to the Main Market”, stated Voicu Oprean, founder and CEO of AROBS. 

To the 2022 turnover, Software Services contributed 80%, while Software Products contributed 20%. A significant contribution to the AROBS Group increase in 2022 was brought by the organic growth of the software services business line and by the synergy with the activity of the most recent acquisitions, even though two of them do not have the results fully reflected at the level of last year – AROBS Engineering as of July 2022 and Nordlogic Group as of August 2022.

The company expects global demand for services and software products to continue its upward trend, even though there is pressure on the fees and potentially a stagnant demand. Companies and organizations still need to digitalize their processes, and AROBS targets to play an active role in this segment. When it comes to software products, such as fleet management, business optimization, digital payments, HR solutions, or the implementation of digitalization projects in the public sector, the market is also experiencing growth, but at a moderate pace amid the challenges and the economic and social context. Regarding fleet management activity, AROBS will continue the acquisition campaign of certain companies from Romania and Eastern Europe to consolidate its position in this market and expand in other markets with the TrackGPS solution, which has reached version 4.0.

Regarding the activity of the group companies in 2022, these recorded increases at the level of operations, both from the point of view of requests for the services and solutions provided, as well as in the number of clients. In addition, at the end of last year, AROBS added, within the software products business line – fleet management, the Centrul de Soft GPS company. This acquisition consolidates AROBS’s leading position in the fleet management market.

At the same time, at the beginning of this month, AROBS took another step towards consolidating its expertise in the aerospace industry within the group by acquiring SYDERAL Polska, a company from Poland that completes the new business line within the group brought by the AROBS Engineering team – development of embedded systems and software for the aerospace sector. In February 2023, AROBS completed the two transactions regarding the total takeover of entities from the Republic of Moldova – AROBS Software Moldova and TrackGPS by AROBS Moldova, their integration into the AROBS Group representing a natural step in the consolidation and development of activities and bringing teams from the Republic of Moldova into the AROBS Group.

Regarding capital market activity, in 2022, AROBS shares were the most traded financial instruments on the AeRO market. Last year, there were recorded transactions valued at 103 million lei, and the company officially received the “Most traded share on the AeRO market in 2022” award from the Bucharest Stock Exchange during the BVB Awards gala from February this year. Thus, during 2022, more than 4,000 AROBS shareholders traded, on average, shares with a value of 0.4 million lei per day.

AROBS Transilvania Software is listed on the AeRO market of the Bucharest Stock Exchange as of December 6, 2021. The company currently has a market capitalization of approximately 972 million lei. Reported to the results for 2022, AROBS has a preliminary PER of 20,99 at the group level and 21,94 at the individual level and a preliminary P/BV of 4,25 at the group level and 4,19 at the individual level. 

Check out the report with the preliminary financial results for 2022 on our investors page.

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