AROBS Transilvania Software has transferred to the Main Market of the stock exchange, nearly 2 years after its debut on the AeRO market

  • AROBS Transilvania Software, a company listed on the AeRO market since December 2021, transfers to the Main Market of the Bucharest Stock Exchange.
  • September 25 is the first trading day for AROBS Transilvania Software shares on the Main Market under the stock symbol AROBS.
  • Currently, AROBS is the largest technology company listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange.

AROBS Transilvania Software (AROBS), Romanian IT company specialized in providing services and software solutions based on the latest technologies, debuted today, September 25, on the Main Market of the stock exchange under the stock symbol AROBS, following its transfer from the AeRO market, the equity segment of the Multilateral Trading System of the Bucharest Stock Exchange. AROBS Transilvania Software has been present on the capital market since 2021 and, at the time of the transfer, it had a market capitalization of RON 948 mn. Founded in 1998 in Cluj-Napoca, AROBS has offices in 10 countries across Europe, America, and Asia, with a team of over 1,200 experts. AROBS develops customized software solutions and serves as a true R&D center for global partners in complex projects in the fields of Embedded (Automotive, Aerospace, Maritime, Medical Devices), Clinical Trials, IoT, Travel, Enterprise Solutions, Fintech, and Intelligent Automation. Additionally, it holds several software products used by over 11,000 companies, with 10,000 of them in Romania and the rest abroad.

`In the year in which we celebrate the 25th anniversary of our establishment, the debut of AROBS shares trading on the Main Market of BVB represents a significant step in our mission to become one of the important players in the IT services and products global market, started from Cluj. We are proud that in the almost two years of activity on the capital market, we have developed organically and by completing nine M&A transactions at an accelerated pace. During this period, we have acquired companies that operate in the same industry and bring added value by consolidating and expanding the areas of expertise and the geographical footprint of AROBS. Regarding the future plans for the capital market, we will continue the accelerated growth we have included in the strategy. We aim to enter the local and regional indices and attract institutional investors through a share capital increase. We are proud of what we have accomplished, but we are even more thrilled about the future. I thank the investors for their trust, my colleagues, those who contributed to today’s success, and our partners and clients. We won’t stop here. ` stated Voicu Oprean, Founder and CEO of AROBS.

`Today, we celebrate a significant milestone at the Bucharest Stock Exchange with the transfer of AROBS Transilvania Software to the Regulated Market, being the second transfer from the AeRO market to the main segment of the exchange since the beginning of 2023. From AROBS’ nomination and award in the third edition of our Made in Romania program, to its listing on the AeRO market and inclusion in the dedicated market index, BET AeRO, and now to the transfer to the Main Market, AROBS has shown its commitment to becoming a leading company in its field and an active issuer on the local exchange. Starting today, AROBS continues its new journey on the capital market, where it has opportunities for growth, accessing a new category of investors and financing possibilities. We eagerly follow the company’s development plans in the local capital market. ` stated Radu Hanga, the President of the Bucharest Stock Exchange.

`AROBS Transilvania Software came to the Bucharest Stock Exchange at the end of 2021, following the largest private placement of shares conducted on the AeRO market, through which it raised RON 74.2 mn from investors. In its 25 years of activity, AROBS, representing a dynamic sector of our economy, has achieved a series of notable accomplishments, and we are pleased to see that these successes are reflected in its performance on the stock exchange. In less than two years since its listing on the AeRO market, AROBS became the issuer with the most traded shares on the AeRO market in 2022, and today, it is the largest IT company in terms of market capitalization on the Regulated Market. We hope to see more issuers taking this important step in their development in the capital market, a sign of a company’s maturity, by transferring to the Main Market. ` stated Adrian Tănase, CEO Bucharest Stock Exchange.

The transfer of AROBS Transilvania Software’s shares to the Main Market was carried out with the support of BT Capital Partners, acting as an intermediary, and Cornerstone Communications, as a capital market consultant.

`We are honored to be part of a new entrepreneurial success story on the capital market, and we consider that the step taken today by AROBS is a natural and significant one in the company’s development. The shares will now be traded on the stage where capitalization and liquidity recommend them, being a target for new categories of institutional and retail investors. ` stated Daniela Secară, CEO of BT Capital Partners.

The growth registered by AROBS on the AeRO market, highlighted by a share price appreciation of over 50% in less than two years since the private placement and supported by over 5,000 shareholders, demonstrates the strong position of the company in Romania and internationally, consolidated by the vision and entrepreneurial spirit. The move to the Main Market of the Bucharest Stock Exchange positions AROBS alongside the top 20 companies listed on the BVB. At the same time, the development strategy of AROBS, based on organic growth and M&A, is an example not only for technology companies but for any business aiming to develop at an accelerated pace through the capital market,” stated Zuzanna Kurek, IR Manager AROBS and founder of Cornerstone Communications.

Since the successful settlement of the private placement in October 2021, the company’s market capitalization has increased by 53%, from RON 618 mn to RON 948 mn as of September 20, 2023, the last trading day of the company on the AeRO market. AROBS shares made their debut on the AeRO market on December 6, 2021. One month after entering trading, the company benefited from the services of the Issuer’s Market Maker provided by BRK Financial Group (BRK). In March 2022, the company’s shares were included in the BET AeRO index, ranking first among the included companies with a weight of 16.44%. Additionally, AROBS shares were included in the MSCI Frontier Markets Small Cap index and the MSCI Romania Small Cap index, starting from August 31, 2023. In 2020, AROBS Transilvania Software was among the finalists of the third edition of the Made in Romania program, organized by the Bucharest Stock Exchange, with the aim of supporting the Romanian entrepreneurship. Moreover, in early 2023, AROBS received the distinction of “The Most Traded Stock on the AeRO Market in 2022” at the BVB Awards, an event organized by the Bucharest Stock Exchange.

Since its listing on the AeRO market in 2021 up to the present, AROBS has completed nine transactions. In 2021, the company acquired Berg Software, and in 2022, it acquired AROBS Engineering (formerly Enea Software Development Services Romania), the Nordlogic Group, and the GPS Software Center Romania. In 2023, AROBS acquired two entities in the Republic of Moldova, AROBS Software and AROBS TrackGPS, AROBS Polska (formerly SYDERAL Polska) in Poland, the Future WorkForce Group, with offices in Romania, Germany, and the United Kingdom, and AROBS Pannonia Software in Hungary.

AROBS Transilvania Software is owned by Voicu Oprean, who is the CEO and founder of AROBS Transilvania Software, holding 66.19% of the company, while legal entities own 17.66% of the company, and retail investors hold 16.13%.

AROBS Transilvania Software is the fourth company listed on the Bucharest Stock Exchange to transfer from the AeRO market to the Regulated Market since 2020.

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