Mi-e dor de tine: Lights on Romania project, powered by AROBS

Mi-e dor de tine Project: Lights on Romania, powered by AROBS

The expression “Mi-e Dor de Tine” is maybe the most bitter-sweet statement in the Romanian language. Mostly because you can not translate “dor”.

You say “Mi-e Dor de Tine” when the moment you’re living is not complete. You say “Mi-e Dor de Tine” when you want to share your feeling with the person you miss the most.

We believe that “Mi-e Dor de tine” is something you should say to someone you miss exactly when you feel it. It’s the message that AROBS, a software development company with 100% Romanian capital, started 21 years ago, sends to all Romanians who left their country to find a new life somewhere else.

In London, through the art light installation that will be at more than just a virtual connection from London to Cluj-Napoca, we send a message to the biggest Romanian community in Europe.

AROBS powers “Mi-e dor de tine” artistic light installation, located in Canary Wharf, is created by Daisler Association. The art is part of the larger project Lights on Romania.

Și Mie

“Mi-e Dor de Tine” is the statement that warms every soul and mind of Romanians everywhere. But that’s not enough. The proper response should always be send back. As simple as that. “Și Mie” is the answer that we send, from Cluj, in response to the art instalation displayed these days in London.

The concept behind the message proposed by the Daisler Association is an extremely personal one, triggering a wave of emotion in the hearts of those who have relatives, friends, and close friends living away from them.

Thus, the dialogue between the two light installations creates a bridge, at least virtual, between the Romanians remaining at home and the Romanians from far away.

“Și Mie” – art installation, created by the Daisler Association, powered by AROBS, located on Elisabeta Bridge, Cluj-Napoca.

Who do you miss the most? - The contest

AROBS launches the contest named Mi-e dor de tine! and will offer 10 vouchers for plane tickets, from London to Cluj and back. If you want to enter the contest, you just have to write us a message and tell us how much you miss home and your dear ones, using the form bellow. Make sure you read and accept carefully the rules of the contest.

The contest period is between 7-21st of December 2019.

And the vouchers will be available from the 15th of January until 31st of March 2020.

The winners will be announced before Christmas.

Tell you loved ones from Cluj that you might see them soon

Tell the world how much you miss them! Post a picture with yourself at the art installation “Mi-e dor de tine” on social media tagging @AROBS and @LightsonRomania using the hashtags #AROBS, #LightsonRomania #MieDordeTine.

Maybe your loved ones will see and answer you.

The winners of the contest have been chosen!

We got your message and we will bring you home, to your family and friends!

It’s Christmas Eve and as we promised we’ve picked our 10 winners who will get each a voucher for plane tickets to fly from London to Cluj in 2020.

The happy winners are:

  1. Bianca Mureșan
  2. Andrei Fodorean
  3. Alina Balatchi
  4. George Boaru
  5. Alin Moldovan
  6. Alexandru Hutanu
  7. Alexandra Roata
  8. Stefan Corneliu
  9. Urda Alexandra
  10. Ligia Mladin

Congratulations to all of you!

You will be contacted after 6th of January 2020 via e-mail or phone for details about your prize.

Reading all the messages from afar, we got to the conclusion that this is after all, the gretest thing: people reconnected and relieving moments they’ve spent together. And this was made possible through the presence of “Mi-e dor de tine”, “Si mie”, “Te astept” art installations that revived beautiful feelings and memories.

We couldn’t keep them only to ourselves, so we’re gonna leave here a few of them, that brought a smile upon our face. To protect the privacy of those who shared their story with us, we will not give their names.

“I talk with mom every day on the phone, as I am her emotional support. I have been away for 3 years, and it says that it gets easier by time, but it doesn’t. I miss my dog, I miss my mom, I miss my favorite coffee shop, I miss all the traditions, I miss it all. It would mean the world if I would win one of the vouchers to surprise my mom and my beloved ones with my presence at home, even for a few days.”

It is in Cluj that one of my biggest dreams started: a digital app to link Romanians everywhere, promote identity and use ethnic dynamics to help them thrive in their countries of residence.
I live and breathe Romania and I am a proud Romanian wherever I go, three years ago I founded Romanian Women in UK- an NGO aimed at promoting our beautiful country and identity. More on Google as your time is precious :).

I miss the kind and beautiful people.”

“I miss the vibe of the city. I miss home every day!”

My brother is one of my favorite people in the world to spend time with. He makes me laugh like no one else (perhaps because we’re siblings we just find each other funny) and spending time with him always reminds me that we are young, we should enjoy living and should live wholeheartedly and lightheartedly. I’ve moved to UK 10 years ago, and me and him haven’t lived in the same city since. We’ve both grown up and changed a lot in the last 10 years and now London is my home and Cluj is his (he moved to Cluj for university). Yet every time I visit him or he visits me, it’s like we’re going back in time to our childhood years when we would play in our back yard and we would pretend we are on a journey of adventure and discovery, going to a faraway land, except the dreams have actually come true and our “back yards” are now London and Cluj respectively. Cluj has now become my favorite city in Romania because of him (although I think it really is a beautiful city objectively and I tell all my London friends to go visit). The buildings, the history, the hills, the food, the music, the people, the accent! It charms me every time, and I cannot wait to go back. Last time I was there me and my brother went to a karaoke bar and we had the best time singing a duet of Ed Sheeran’s “Photograph”. It was so much fun – I can’t wait to go back and do it again! On top of that, I imagine that Cluj in spring is wonderful and we don’t always get much of a spring here in London so I would really love to go!”