Tech for good and net-zero balance

Will technology save the world? Many of us thought and hoped about it, and we certainly hope more than everybody that it is true because we are a software development company specialized in automotive software engineering services, embedded software services and IoT, among others. The Tech for good concept is gaining traction, and some innovative industries can disrupt the system significantly in the next five and more years.

Net-zero carbon balance refers to the stage where the greenhouse gases will be balanced by permanent and complete removal. 

The term net-zero is crucial because then global warming stops. The Paris Agreement requires states to ‘achieve a balance between anthropogenic emissions by sources and removals by sinks of greenhouse gases in the second half of this century.’ 

Net-zero balance is not that far away in the future

A recent study published by McKinsey stated that advanced technologies are critical for stopping or delaying climate change—and the IT industry accelerated into developing them. The study points out five areas of tech development that instil hopes that the net-zero balance is not that far in the future:

· electric transportation, buildings, and (we might add – Industry 4.0)

· the next green revolution in agriculture

·  power grids for clean electricity.

· the promise of hydrogen

·  carbon capture, use, and storage

The main goals of any business are development and scalability, but the global interest is sustainable scalability. So, things go beyond doing business – it’s about culture and the social impact that business transposes, both internally and externally. To achieve the set-out objectives, collective social involvement is necessary. More than living in a cleaner and better-quality environment, Tech for good brings many other benefits. Every action and resource consumed reflects the price we pay to live in the present. So, why spend when we can save?

Software development companies stand among the major players in the sustainability initiative. Developing innovative solutions that lead to a cleaner environment is just a cornerstone for companies that want to turn their focus to green initiatives. Once the decision is made, you have to choose the right technology for your business.

Unlock innovation and the tech for good with AROBS

AROBS specializes in automotive projects for electric vehicles embedded for IIOT, including intelligent farming and forestry and smart embedded systems for domotics. Our powerhouse is also innovative city projects for smart transportation, light systems, or waste management.

AROBS’s automotive division aligns perfectly with current industry trends from an electrification perspective. It develops advanced command and control solutions for critical components such as power trains, convertors, invertors, belt-starter generators, and battery management systems for hybrid and “full” electric vehicles.

We also contemplate the future cities with innovative projects for transportation, light, and waste management systems, which help ensure a better and more ecological place for living. Domotics projects that help balance comfort and more thoughtful electricity use are also paramount in the bigger picture of what a greener world might look like.

Smart agriculture and forestry projects our colleagues work on are also food for our thought for a better world.

The expertise and accumulated knowledge from these various projects are essential differentiating criteria. We are very proud to think that our actions are safe steps towards a cleaner environment.

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