AROBS attracts 74.2 million lei

AROBS attracts 74.2 million lei from investors, in the largest private placement in the history of the AeRO market

Cluj-Napoca, October 18, 2021 – AROBS Transilvania Software (stock symbol AROBS), a Romanian IT company, announces the successful closure of the largest private placement in the history of the AeRO market by attracting the amount of 74.2 million lei from investors. The company intends to list the shares on the AeRO market of the Bucharest Stock Exchange in the upcoming weeks.


“We welcome the new investors in the AROBS team, and we can not wait to start together this new stage of the company’s development. We have ambitious plans to grow the business, and the capital obtained from the successful private placement that happened in record time will support us in this endeavour. The context in which we find ourselves today is beneficial for the company and our investors. Further, we will focus on identifying the IT companies to be included in the AROBS Group through M&A transactions, as well as on growing our business nationally and internationally. We thank the investors for their trust and convey that we are in the process of completing the listing procedures of the AROBS shares on the AeRO market of the Bucharest Stock Exchange, as soon as possible”, said Voicu Oprean, founder and CEO of AROBS.


AROBS Transilvania Software, founded in 1998 by Voicu Oprean, specializes in providing customized software solutions based on the latest technologies and has several software solutions that have a strong presence on the Romanian market and in Central and Southeast Europe. Hundreds of software specialists are involved in customized software projects, for international partners, in very demanding industries, such as automotive, travel tech, IoT, Pharma, Fintech, and Enterprise Solutions.


Since 2003, the company has been developing its software products and solutions such as TrackGPS, Optimall, RateWizz, MonePOS, and a solution for digitizing textbooks. As a result of the acquisitions made by AROBS in the last three years, the company also owns the following software products: SASFleet, TrueHR, and SoftManager CRM +. Through the acquisition of CoSo BeNeLux, in 2018, AROBS opened a new line of business in the RPA (robotic process automation) subsector in the logistics and TMS sub-sectors.


Within the private placement that started on October 15, a total of 54,697,494 shares, respectively 12% of the current share capital of the company, were sold for 1,357 lei per share. The placement was attended by 149 retail investors, 38 professionals, and 9 institutional investors. The offer was closed in advance on the first day, amid a subscription of 2.87 times, the investors placing orders with a total value of 209.7 million lei. Therefore, the share allocation rate is 34.72%.


“We are glad that we assisted AROBS Transilvania Software in making the first step towards listing, namely private placement. This investment attracted huge interest from both retail and professional investors, so it was concluded in advance from the first day, which shows us once again the high appetite of investors towards Romanian entrepreneurial companies. It is a new reference transaction for BRK Financial Group that successfully mediates the largest private equity investment in history – at a multiple of 3 times from the next in the hierarchy, and AROBS, through its anticipated capitalization – over 600 million lei exceeds at least 3 times, any other company listed this year on the multilateral trading system of BVB. We will continue to assist AROBS in fulfilling all the steps for listing on AeROi, a process that we intend to complete in the coming weeks,” said Monica Ivan, General Manager of BRK Financial Group.


Following the private placement, the shareholding structure of the company is as follows: Voicu Oprean, founder and CEO holds 64% of the shares, 8.8% of shares are to be used in the Stock Option Plan, which will be implemented within the company, Cabrio Investment SRL holds 8.8%, management and key-employees hold 6.4% of AROBS shares, while BVB investors hold 12% of the shares.


In 2020, AROBS Transilvania Software registered, at an individual level, a turnover of 154.5 million lei, EBITDA of 46.6 million lei, and a net profit of 40.4 million. For 2021, the company estimates revenues at a consolidated level in the AROBS Group, of 192.7 million lei and consolidated EBITDA of 52.8 million lei.


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AROBS Transilvania Software is a Romanian company that provides software services and solutions for various industries, with over 8000 partners from Europe, America, and Asia. In the seven offices in Romania and seven abroad, hundreds of AROBS specialists build the solutions of the future.


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