AROBS football team

AROBS football team wins the Corporations Cup

AROBS’ football team wins the Corporations Cup with an incredible score of 7 goals and proves once again that #WeWontStop supporting sports. It is well known that our company’s culture is deeply anchored in the belief that nurturing our employees’ passions can lead to performance not only on a professional level, but also on a personal level. Winning this year’s cup is just another peak in our team’s timeline that goes 10 years back since its first match.

Champions with a big heart

2019 seems to be a good year for our football team that had fought its way up to the finals. They won 7 difficult matches to get in front of the other 31 companies that participated in the local competition. And though being first place was all about their effort on the football field, the prize was all about a good cause. 

The team members decided to donate the prize money to a noble cause. A family in need from the Humanitarian Association in Huedin – “Dreptul la viață” will be the one to receive the gift.

Above all, although they made it together to the top, each member brings great value to the result and also as an individual player. The goal-getter of the competition is no other than Andrei Ghiurutan, one of ours.


IT and football - a great match

Horațiu Pop, our team’s captain, was the one to gather all the football passionates in the AROBS team. Since 2009 when the first matches took place, they’ve brought home many titles and cups from several local sports competitions. “Since the beginning, things changed a bit in team’s structure and we’re just a few veterans now. But the good thing is that we are open to new passionate colleagues that wish to join us and have talent to show on the field. In AROBS you can find many other opportunities than just a job in IT.”, says Horațiu, Life Sciences&IoT Business Group Manager and the team’s captain.

Furthermore, we encourage every colleague to connect to his passions, no matter what that is: football, running, swimming, music, dancing.  Nevertheless, at AROBS you can find not only a place to fit in, but also the place where your passions can flourish.

If you want to connect with us, you might find your place here.


AROBS vs. “U” Cluj

What can be more exciting than our team winning the Corporations Cup? Our team playing with the most beloved team in Cluj-Napoca, FC Universitatea Cluj on the 10th of July, in “Iuliu Hațieganu” park, to mark their 100 years anniversary since inception. It’s going to be a friendly match, but we still hope to take part at a spectacular game.


We are proud of every team member that wears the #AROBS t-shirt:

  •  Horațiu Pop – Captain
  • Daniel Palacian
  • Adrian Donca
  • Keszler Zsolt
  • Alexander Vass
  • Radu Dordea
  • Tudor Cipariu
  • Radu Scridon
  • Andrei Panici
  • Călin Pop
  • Andrei Ghiuruțan
  • Alexandru Pop
  • Virgil Florean
  • Florin Maluțan – goal-keeper
  • Razvan Moldovan – goal-keeper
After this year’s result, we are confident that there is more to come from our champion football team.
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