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We decided to extend our testimonials page and join, a data-driven resource that collects reviews for the most renowned companies in IT.

As an 850-employee company that has been thriving since 1998, we at AROBS like to think we’re specially equipped to handle your custom software needs. 

We’ve built everything from web and mobile products to fully-fledged enterprise applications and IT products for a wide range of industries.

Our offices in Romania, Germany, Hungary, Moldova, Indonesia, the Netherlands, and Belgium let us work well with your international needs.

We also have unique insight into the software product market ourselves. We sell our own proprietary software for consumers’ use, including a fleet management solution, a mobility optimization suite, and an automotive electronic product brand.

As a result, we have a good idea of what challenges our customers face — not only in the technical field, but in the business world as well.

But we want to go further to prove ourselves to you.

That’s why we’ve decided to extend our testimonials page and join, a data-driven resource that collects reviews from actual clients and ranks B2B providers on their demonstrated ability to deliver.

One industry where we repeatedly demonstrate our ability to bring success to enterprise-level and midsized businesses is in travel and hospitality.

The online travel industry is estimated to reach almost $818 billion by 2020 — a remarkable show of resilience for a market that underwent rapid digital changes following the decline of the travel agency. For 18 years, we’ve worked with travel companies and completed 14 projects with 7 currently underway.

One of those ongoing projects started all the way back in 2013. That fall, an online travel portal named Splendia reached out to us to build a new platform and migrate their content from their legacy systems. Over the course of our partnership, we’ve completed between 15-20 IT resources for their company, including the new portal. 

Since we started working together almost 6 years ago, Splendia has seen a “successful strategic platform migration with more connectivity [for] availability providers and traffic sellers.” Their platform now offers “better service,” leading to “added company valuation,” according to Splendia’s CTO.

We’re thrilled to play a part in Splendia’s success and to receive a near-perfect score on Our team is always striving to improve our skills and make our client experiences better than before.

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