AROBS Mures- happy 5th!

We are celebrating 5 years of AROBS Mures. The hard work, the perseverence, the professionalism of the young automotive engineers. Because in AROBS we value our employees and we’ve built a culture based on a space of involvement.

AROBS Mures had an exponential growth

Some years ago, opening an office in a relatively small city, could have been considered a curageous move considering the fact that the potential of the IT market was still unrevelead. Still, altough the team started small, with just a few members now a large team of colleagues are working on projects serving the automotive and travel industry.

They made it possible that in just 5 years the AROBS Mures team growth is over 8 times. Starting with a handful of young automotive specialists we are marking this year with almost 90 automotive engineers.

Cheers for the perseverance, for the hard work and for the dedication!

Let the celebration begin, cause it is your anniversary, AROBS Mures!

Read the whole article about the celebration, HERE.

Also, if you wish to join our AROBS Mures team, find opportunities on our career page.

Dare to try the AROBS experience!