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Automotive BodyControl - Module

BCM – Body Control Module


Body Control Module

A Body Control Module (BCM)  operates all the required vehicle body functions such as windshield wiper control, exterior, and interior light control, central door locking control, and car access.

Additionally a BCM can handle communication between Electronic Control Units (ECUs).

In automotive software engineering services, the Body Control Module acts as the brain of a vehicle. 

It centralizes and controls the functions of the vehicle’s body but not controls any of the engine’s functions. Since in modern vehicles interconnectivity is key, the Body Control Module needs to be smaller and smaller. Also, as the automotive market shifts towards safer and more complex vehicles, there is a greater need for more ECUs. Thus, as the number of ECUs increases, the electrical system architecture needs new state-of-the-art solutions.

Hence the software architecture of the BCM needs to get more complex since it is basically the main component developed by embedded software services specialists, being an embedded system that is in charge of controlling the electrical units.

Body Control Module –  a market for the future

Specialists expect this market to grow significantly in the next few years. More specifically, at a CAGR of 2.6% by 7 years from now. This means an estimated market value of 35.7 billion USD, which is a growth of 6,5 billion USD compared to 2019.

Of all the components, the hardware segment is expected to grow the fastest.  For more about these forecasts, read here.


  • AUTOSAR compliant
  • Ansi C
  • safety critical features
  • V-Cycle/V-Model methodology
  • CAN
  • LIN 
  • Model Based development in MathLab
  • Simulink
  • Targetlink, Rhapsody and Statemate, 
  • communication and control for wipers, interior heating, exterior and interior lights, centralized locking, alarm etc.


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