AROBS business software solutions

AROBS business software solutions for the Romanian market and our new concept: AROBS360°


Business software solutions are more needed than ever.

Amid COVID-19,  business-adaptability is a must on the Romanian market. Many restaurants developed delivery, print shops are producing medical equipment and flower shops are selling on social media. When most of the resources are going to the medical system, Romania has slowed down for a couple a weeks. Hence, the most responsible actions are the ones that encourage economic activity. At the same time, these businesses are supporting civil society, keeping jobs and supporting families.

AROBS, born in Cluj-Napoca, is one of the few businesses that is 100% Romanian owned. Once again, it aligns with the need of Romanian society with all its solutions. One of the lessons learned during the lock-down is that businesses need digital tools, apps, application to survive and thrive. 

AROBS360°: all the necessary business software solutions

Therefore, we gathered all the benefits our software products for the Romanian market have to offer for small, medium and large
company. AROBS360° , our new concept was born. AROBS offers all the necessary business software solutions to grow your business. Because 365 days a year, AROBS solutions ensure the digitization of your business.

UCMS supports social distancing

The HR solutions company, UCMS is a part of the AROBS Group and it helps its clients with optimization of all HR processes through two solutions.

dp-Payroll offers the complete solution for salary payments and is constantly updated with the latest legal changes in this domain. Due to automatization, employees do not have to go to the office or the HR department for any paperwork. Also, the people in charge can send paychecks automatically to employees without any extra mailing service.

True HR is a self-service solution for employees where they can download important paperwork like absence leaves, when in need.

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Optimall offers free consultancy for businesses in FMCG + keeps the shelves full

In this hard period, any Romanian company that is in the FMCG industry can benefit from free consultancy from the Optimall experts. With over 16 years of experience, important know-how, and 6 solutions for business optimization, Optimal is ready to give back.

Full shelves

As consumption of food has accelerated optimization for supply management is more important than ever. Optimall automates warehouse activity, sales force, and transportation. Hence, not only businesses from this sector but the whole society benefit from this effort.

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TrackGPS makes sure your package arrives at you

The most popular AROBS product contributes to your package arriving at you as fast as possible. Since most people stay at home, the demand for delivery has grown significantly. Hence, many delivery companies need to extend their fleet. The bigger the fleet the more important the tracking. TrackGPS offers the best solutions for tracking, route, and cost optimizing. It is the no. 1 fleet management solution on the Romanian market.

Free services for ambulances

TrackGPS also offers its services for free for all the state-owned ambulances in its portfolio. The over 1400 ambulances, hence, can reinvest this cost in saving lives amid COVID-19.

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Alarma brings bread to your table is one of the main fleet management solutions on the Romanian market as well. With the most accurate GPS monitoring, it assures that goods arrive at the destination in safety. Given the COVID-19 pandemic transporting essential goods is even more challenging. The biggest players in the bakery sector, like Boromir, Vel Pitar, Pambac, and Șapte Spice have chosen

Next time you go out for bread, think about the people who made it all possible.

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TheHours business software solution helps you with your employees

COVID-19 has accelerated trends and mindsets regarding how we look at work. Companies that have the possibility are offering employees the opportunity to work from home. For this, they need workforce management software.

TheHours, developed based on over 20 years of experience in software development does just that. With the help of TheHours, one can easily monitor employee activity, clocking and at the same time if facilitates opportunities for progress for employees. Furthermore, with the Company pulse feature the management gets important data about the company, based on which it can make informed decisions.

The updated version will be out soon.

Software services digitize your company

Software services developed for the global markets are a catalyst to the digitization of companies of any sizes. With over 20 years of experience and expertise in industries as Automotive, IoT, Life Sciences, Travel and Hospitality, Enterprise solutions the know-how is now available for Romanian companies as well. These must align with the digitized future if they want to remain competitive.

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Distribution helps local commerce

The distribution division was born out of the need to keep a part of commerce with electronic devices in the country. With the brand Smailo in the last decade, commerce with tracking devices and even beauty electronics has grown significantly.

Furthermore, through the effort of these people key hospitals in Romania will be equipped with 50 respiratory devices, strengthening the medical system in the fight against COVID-19.

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With software products and humanitarian actions, AROBS is actively contributing to the health of the Romanian business ecosystem. In the following weeks, many hospitals will be equipped to fight the pandemic in a collective effort of the businesses in AROBS Grup.

In tough times like this, the protection of the civil society and the business ecosystem is about #solidarity.

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