system architecture

System Architecture – 3 insights from AUTOSARxAHK events

What future E/E System Architectures need? – 3 insights from AUTOSARxAHK events System architecture has seen a major shift given that software development rapidly changed the outlook of the automotive industry. After just a single decade, the conventional, distributed E/E system architecture, based on cross-domain functions, gradually morphed into the need for domain-centralized E/E […]

OptimallSFA team

People of AROBS – OptimallSFA Team

OptimallSFA team – the story of the people behind business optimization OptimallSFA team – Behind every complex software solution, there’s a software development team that works every day to perfect it – the OptimallSFA team is that kind. Some of the members have been working on it for 15 years now, believe it or […]