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Cloud-ready applications – what are the benefits for you?

Cloud-ready applications might be the answer to our fast technological development of today. We witness a never-before growth of businesses. In no time small start-ups can scale up to global giants thanks to the power of technology. But a big company has very different needs than a small one. That is when the management should reflect on different enterprise solutions. And due to its flexibility, the tendency is to opt for cloud-ready applications.

As you start onboarding new employees or customers the need for more – hardware, more storage, maintenance operation, security – grows. The traditional way of doing business relies on on-site resources. On the other hand, the cloud-ready architecture permits a more diverse distribution of resources since the hosting is no longer local, it is virtual. This resource distribution is over a WAN (wide-area network).

Cloud-ready application – explained

Remember when you had a 30 MB memory stick because it was the highest technology available on the market? You had to keep all your important data on it. And every time you had some new data you had to delete previous ones to free up some space. You feel this limitation when you have your application running on-premise too.

Actually, you do make use of a cloud. Especially if you have an iPhone. Instead of keeping your photos on your phone you can keep them on the iCloud. The same principle applies when it comes to your business.

A cloud-ready application means that the tools you use for the everyday existence of your business like, communicational systems, customer management systems, billing systems, marketing systems, etc. are ready to be migrated into a cloud environment. This means possibly embracing the PaaS (platform-as-a-service) ability of the cloud.

Do cloud-ready applications enjoy all the benefits the cloud can offer?

The answer is no. Cloud-ready applications can benefit from a limited number of the benefits the cloud environment can offer. Why? Because the applications that need to be prepared for the cloud were created for the traditional environment. This means the application has to be analyzed and understood. You need to come up with an action list that has to be done in order to move the product to comply with the cloud requirements.

However, there are applications that can benefit from all a cloud can offer – but these were designed for the cloud. That is why we call them cloud-native.

It is a matter of understanding where your product is:

  • If you have a product that runs on your premise, then moving to a cloud-ready environment is the first rational step
  • If it is a new application, then the goal is to create cloud-native from scratch

Why cloud?

Did you know that in 2020 more than 90% of companies will be on the cloud? Also, by 2023 this market will reach over $620 billion (according to stats from Report Linker). We got here because of the wide range of benefits of cloud computing like:

  • the easy of scalability
  • security
  • cost-saving (if cloud provider, services used, etc., are properly chosen)

Move your business to the cloud for better efficiency. Our experts can help you understand the necessary steps and the TCO for a cloud-ready movement to assure a maximized ROI for your business.  If you are looking for cloud-native or customized enterprise solutions, find out more, here.

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