CoSo by AROBS or how to become a part of something bigger

 The beginning

CoSo by AROBS is an IT company, located where else than in the beautiful land of the tulips and windmills? You guessed it. The Netherlands. CoSo was born 26 years ago with a thought for the future. And the future looked automatic. That’s why they chose as their main activity technical automation, more specifically, production automation.

A lot of things changed during this period, but one thing is certain. They were right with the automation thing. CoSo by AROBS expertise helped to automate the processes in more than 60 logistics companies, even the City of Antwerp and the City of Gent (very beautiful cities by the way 😊).

Let’s be honest. What would an IT company be without software services? Of course, another important aspect of the company’s activity is related to software development. CoSo developers are highly specialized in software development and they don’t really believe in standard software. CoSo believes in customization. This means that they can deliver all kinds of innovative software designed to meet the requirements of any organization. Until this moment, CoSo managed to specialize in logistics, educational software or infrastructure.

The CoSo by AROBS headquarters is in Ulvenhout (Breda) with a subsidiary in Belgium.

Work in progress

Inspired by the special schools in the country, CoSo developed MiCS. This is an application for scholars with special needs and it ensures the communication between students, parents and teachers and the online connection with the integrated national education reporting system.

Do you ever feel like you need some help in choosing an internship? We have an answer to your question. Its name is Stagezuil. This application matches students with companies, to find the perfect internship.

The manipulation and conversion of the documents is now easier with TransMessage. This app allows easy conversion of the documents between formats, is fully hosted in clod and the information is always available.

Take your logistical operation online with TransWeb. This application allows the customers to sign up transport files online, to check the status of every transport entry and the documents are very customizable.

The final touch

These interesting things done by CoSo attracted the eye of the Romanian investor and CEO of AROBS Transilvania Software, Voicu Oprean, who decided that it would be great if the companies work together.

With products similar to our own, the acquisition of CoSo completes our products in the fleet management area, process automation and even those related to educational software.

For CoSo, being a part of the big AROBS family means entering in a new era. It means combining the knowledge and expertise in the area of software development and process automation and activate on a new and different market, in the Eastern part of Europe.

Most importantly, AROBS gained on its side very talented and hardworking people, passionate about what they do and willing to learn more.

Moreover, by taking over CoSo, AROBS took over the challenges and the opportunities of the Benelux market, a dynamic but demanding market. The two companies are now working under the CoSo by AROBS flag as a common declaration of quality and innovation.

Above all, in over 20 years of activity in software services, AROBS managed to gather more than 850 colleagues in 7 offices in Romania and 6 others abroad. Certainly, all this time we were able to meet the demands of over 7000 clients.

Dare to try the AROBS experience!