Coronavirus might be the greatest challenge we face now

But we all need to stay positive. It is essential for the strength of our immune system. Obviously, to be able to be positive we need to take care of one another and be very precautious.


This is when we turn to our kids.

Now, many countries have taken drastic measures to try and stop the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). Some, like Romania, closed schools and kindergartens and sent parents working from home to assure more safety for the vulnerable.

There is a good part of this too. Because working remotely was an option before it was an official state recommendation given the current global health crisis.

There is more quality time spent with children, even though work from home still means working full time.

Thinking about children and parents spending time together we launched a new initiative, inspired by our Italian friends.

Coronavirus and the challenge for the kids

In times of great international challenges and uncertainties given this coronavirus crisis, we turn to our greatest source of hope – our children. We reach for them to show us better times. Often, they are a reminder for the reason we keep on going.

Hence, we asked AROBS parents to challenge their kids to draw. The theme: Everything is going to be alright/ stay home, or in Romanian: Totul va fi bine/ stau acasă.

#EverythingIsGonnaBeAlright, coronavirus #EverythingIsGonnaBeAlright


Then, to raise our own morale, the received drawings are sent back to all the colleagues and shared within our community.

The drawings

Even though the coronavirus brought our morale down, the response from the kids was truly heartwarming. Kids at home under heart-shaped blankets looking out the window, little horses running around under a rainbow, clear skies with birds and children with fingers crossed for humanity.

It is normal to have feelings of anxiety and fear, given the current context. But we all have to take care of each other, be even kinder and more prudent to help the most vulnerable of our community.

Children make up a huge part of it. In times when we seem to forget the importance of little things, children are there to show us the way.

Their drawings are an inspiration for all of us, an incredible way to starts your day.

Moreso, through this initiative we have, once again, proven that a workplace is no longer just a place where you go to work. A workplace is a community and an involvement space.


Free tracking for all ambulances

We stand in solidarity with the health system, given that they are the modern heroes.

Because they need to focus all resources on fighting this coronavirus pandemic, AROBS’ TrackGPS is offering its tracking services for every state-own ambulance, for free for how however long the national emergency is on.

How many ambulances

There are over 1400 ambulances in Track’s portfolio, and in these times, efficiency is the most important guide for everyone. By tracking all these vehicles correctly, you can assure the fastest way and the closest ambulance available to where it is needed. The time you save by this literally saves lives.

We stand in #solidarity with everyone fighting this pandemic.


Since we need to be protective of ourselves as well as with the people around us, amid the outbreak of coronavirus, staying home has become, by now, almost natural. And the first step to transferring our working habits to our home is to set up a working corner. So we’ve challenged our colleagues to inspire us with their ‘’happy and productive spot”. They surprised us with some pictures worthy of a home deco magazine, we dare to say. Even more, some already hired “assistants”. 

Find a selection of them here.

#MyAROBShomeoffice in times of coronavirus

We joint action and humanity we’ll get through this.

The #FoodDevelopers

#FoodDeveloper #AROBS

One thing we all inevitably do is cooking. Or as the software slang goes, Food Developing. This as well connects us. First, it is an inspiration, because even the ones that were regularly cooking, in isolation reached a point at which washing the dishes happens 2-3 times a day, if not more. This leads to running out of ideas. 

Also, since we are not bumping in each other at the office to ask a colleague “what’s up”, this was a nice initiative to get in touch on a personal level.

 So, under the #FoodDevelopers hashtag, we shared what we were cooking during this time. Check the output and find your inspiration here.

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