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GIATA - We appreciated the “hands-on and always looking forward” approach: travel industry software project

GIATA, our partner, is a major player on the Travel solutions, Hospitality software and Travel industry software market.

We chose to work with the AROBS team because you proved to be the qualified developers that we were looking for. We highly appreciated the “hands-on and always looking forward” approach.

The quality of delivery during the initial preparations and the ongoing cooperation was, and remained, high. We gained great speed in the development process as soon as our collaboration started.

The communication process has always been lean.

What can I say: great company, great guys.

Andreas Posmeck, Managing Director – GIATA Gmbh, Berlin, Germany

Project overview

Travel solutions, Hospitality software and Travel industry software market is a very competitive and sophisticated industry.

For AROBS, GIATA project is one of the biggest collaborations that we’ve put our expertise and resources into. We’re glad to say we involved our technical contribution and our industry expertise in this multi-year and complex project.

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Technology challenges of this travel industry software project

By its nature, the project attracted a series of challenges. One of these is to work on many layers and components as front-end, back-end, databases and infrastructure. Having to work with a wide range of new technologies such as Typescript, ReactJs, Kafka, and more, we have proven that our team was eager to learn and to perfect these concepts.

This project and its challenges expanded our experience tool-belt a great deal.

We are doing our best to put in place all the processes, as a good development team should have. AROBS team respected all the agile/scrum ceremonies and applied the best practices in coding, by continuously deploying and testing the new features and changes. Tools like Jenkins and Sonarqube were configured in order to ensure that all processes are in place and automated. The development of travel solutions and hospitality solutions require a great deal of knowledge and skills.

The results

After AROBS collaboration, the platform is more powerful, it supports and works better with larger amounts of data used for travel solutions.  The new version will support any number of custom hotel facts, it will be more reliable, and the customers will find the UI more dynamic and much easier to use.

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