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Automotive Instrument & Drivers HMI

Instrument and Driver`s HMI


One of the most important components developed in automotive software engineering services is the Instrument and driver’s HMI (Human-Machine interface), more specifically the Head-up display. It offers the driver the essential information about the car in the most comfortable way.

Instrument and driver’s HMI expertise, at AROBS:

Color Graphics: 2D, 3D

Cruise Control, Adaptive cruise control, Tachometer, Fuel content indicator, Battery capacity indicator, Electric power meter, Driving efficiency meter Mechanical versions: Basic, Medium,

Head-up display

Head-up displays’ main role is to keep the driver focused so that he/she doesn’t need to glance away from the road. It provides essential information displayed at the driver’s line of sight.

The market value of Head-up displays is estimated to reach over USD 4 billion by 2025

To assure the driver’s attention is always on the road, the head up-display projects the essential data to the windshield.

Benefits of Instrument and driver’s HMI

It reduces driver distraction and increases safety.

Comfort – the driver is always in control, always informed.

Technology – to create a distortion-free image, the windshield (a curved free-form surface from an optical point of view) requires accurate images from the concave mirror in the HUD.

As human to machine interaction increases the automotive industry needs to adopt. This is how instrument and driver’s HMI, which once were only used for military purposes now are becoming widespread in everyday vehicles.

Combiner Head-up display

The Combiner Head-up-Display generates a virtual image via an optical system, just in front of the windshield, and as an overlay to the street.

It is only visible to the driver.

The most important vehicle information is shown in the driver’s direct field of vision:

  • Speed/number of revolutions
  • Warnings Navigation
  • Driver assistance system/environmental sensors
  • Features: ACC, GRA, Limiter, Lane Assist, Navigation, Traffic Sign, Telephone, Warnings

We provide customized software, hardware, mechanical design solutions, and system testing for the most diverse vehicle architectures and OEM strategies.

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