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Involvement space – a new way of growing specialists

Growing people, thus growing specialists is part of the AROBS culture. Nevertheless, until reaching that point, keeping employees in your company is a continuous challenge when you compete in a biding niche. There are still ways though, that can give employees reasons to remain faithful to your company. 

For AROBS one of them is building knowledge pipelines within the organization, between our people. A natural way to create a space of sharing, a space of involvement. This activates a sense of contribution and belonging that goes beyond other reasons that pull people out of your company. Furthermore, this engages them in a growing spiral that benefits both sides.


Starting point

We dare to say that a secret for keeping your people in the company in long term can be achieved if you water their path closely and walk aside them. We have all year-round opportunities for the young generation to enter the IT ecosystem by joining our team.

Though, most of them generically included in the Millenial or Digital Natives categories, are hard to catch. Captioning their attention is challenging but manages to catalyze new ways of looking at the matter. It forces the recruiters and the system to break the patterns and adapt. 

Hence, most of our internship programs encourage collaborative work and contribution to real projects. Involving them in the most close-to-reality work context magnetizes their attention and also infuses the end results with their innovative approach. A win-win situation. 

As a result, at the end of the day, they have a 360-degree experience within the organization: learning, inclusiveness, contribution, evolution. But this is just a glimpse of our new approach of growing specialists: an involvement space.

AROBS Meetups - growing in the core of the organization

We all know how hard it is to make employees like your company in long term, or especially follow your values. The IT sector is in an endless race for good rates and employee retention. Moreover, this determines the ice-breaking methods of rewarding and keeping people in-house.

Beyond the usual benefits that are by default included, AROBS created an inside network between our specialists. This also activates as an open source for those who want to gain knowledge from their co-workers. A space of involvement and inclusiveness that transforms the day-by-day working space into a community inside the organization.

AROBS Meetups started from a bottom-up initiative of four of our employees. It actually brings all the micro-communities within the company together built on common interests like technologies and not only. The core of the program lies in knowledge sharing, growing specialists, and actively rewarding the involvement of people. Depending on that they can even win tickets to international conferences or go on a city break with their significant other.

Despite the amount of effort, the instability of the IT sector is yet maintained by various factors: money, management, teams, projects, technologies, proximity to home, lifestyle. Thus, you cannot predict the perfect formula that can build loyalty among your employees.

But we do spend many hours per day at the office and for that, we are all searching for a place to fit in. And that place might be within our organization.

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