AROBS partners with UBB to open the first IoT Lab

The new IoT Lab (Internet of Things Lab) where students can transform their ideas into practice, opens its doors today at FSEGA. AROBS, with an entire business line dedicated to IoT software development and other companies from the Transylvania IT Cluster, became partners for the benefit of young students. They will have now the possibility to put their ideas into practice in a proper space adequately equipped. This initiative encourages research and innovation among youngsters who will eventually also become employees in the local IT ecosystem.

The IoT Lab - education made practical

Voicu Oprean, our Founder&CEO, encourages the future students that will step into the new IoT Lab  – “AROBS supports this initiative along with other ones like Project management in IT, which reaches 3rd edition this year. Considering that an important division of our outsourcing business lines has high specialization on IoT and works on global projects, we are more than eager to see about future projects of the students that will be born in the Lab. I advise, my probably future colleagues, to make the most of this learning opportunity, to play with ideas, and take them beyond the simple execution. It will be a technical exercise, research that will open real perspectives and a very valuable understanding regarding technology and the industries of the future.”

Education has become essential in developing new capacities adapted to the actual needs of the industry. The exponential growth accelerated by the technology and its applicability in almost anything surrounding us, asks for a dramatical change and upgrade in the educational system. It is more than helpful that the private sector takes a step forward and gets directly involved in speeding up this process.

IoT opportunities

Besides giving support to education initiatives from high school projects to university, AROBS is constantly offering chances for students that reach their final study years to enter the IT sector. A variety of internships teach them more than technicalities. In IT teamwork is very important, often crossing cultural barriers and they receive advice and preparation not only in matters of using new technologies, but also on becoming a good team mate, of sharing knowledge and being cooperative when working on a common goal. Hopefully, the IoT Lab will create a similar environment for them to grow ideas.

Moreover, they get to taste projects that develop home automation and building monitoring systems, as well as other IoT projects.

If you want to find out more about them, check out our page dedicated to IoT.

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