arobs at itb berlin

Meet AROBS at ITB Berlin - The World’s Leading Travel Trade Show

Between 6 and 10th of March, our AROBS team representatives will be at ITB Berlin, where the latest tourism trends are discussed. Therefore during their stay, they will be available for meetings.  If you want to meet them and talk about a project, it’ll be the moment to do so.

Travel Software and Hospitality Solutions specialists of AROBS are specialized in custom software development for travel and hospitality, from property management software to Hotel Channel Manager, from OTA software to corporate booking automation.

They’re bringing the AROBS expertise and experience with them and they’re searching for new challenges.

If you want to talk about Property Management Systems, Channel Manager, Online Travel Agencies, Corporate booking automation, Cybersecurity or Hotel Channel Integration, be sure our team is there to give you the consultancy you need for your future project.

More information about the world-know trade fair and exhibition here.

You can contact them at [email protected]

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