iXperiment meets AROBS

iXperiment – the platform for high school students to connect with the entrepreneurial sector. This week AROBS welcomed the winning team of the 5th edition.

How young is too young to be an entrepreneur?

Arguably, entrepreneurs are the ones who have the biggest effect on society, and the young generation is not kidding about their involvement.

This is how iXperiment was born – the first start-up accelerator for high-school students in Romania.

Since education is one of the core values of AROBS, we welcomed the winning team at our CBC office.

The winners of iXperiment 

Dragos, Horia, and Vlad are only 16-17-year-old youngsters but their young age should not mislead you. They are independent, do sports, and know a lot about what happens at an entrepreneurial level in Cluj. We had lunch together and discussed the recent acquisition of a huge office building by one of the wealthiest siblings of Romania.

The entrepreneurial idea

They are the winning team with their start-up idea Ecoglass. They plan to recycle glass in an eco-friendly way. The idea started when they observed the real trend.  In the future society will ban plastic, hence people will rely on glass. Then since is harder and more expensive to produce glass than plastic, the glass that is already out there will have to be recycled.

The competition

The competition is already at its 5th edition. 30 of the most talented high school students of Cluj competed, mostly with themselves. They gave birth to 7 business ideas covering wide areas of awareness, like education, health care, technology, etc).

Throughout the competition, the mentors polished the high schoolers ’ projects and guided them with their experience. Since they are representatives of the entrepreneurial hub of Cluj the kids were in great hands. Calin Sahlean represented AROBS as a mentor and a member of the jury.

iXperiment meets AROBS Transilvania Software

We didn’t spend much time together, but the kids got to meet the economic, innovative hub and marketing of AROBS. Each department offered them an overview of the main activities. More so, what they really gained is an overall view of how it is to work in an international company and how that offers a very different mental space than schools do.

Reverse Peter Pan effect

The Peter Pan effect (syndrome) describes adult people who refuse or are unable to grow up. These young high schoolers proved the reverse of this. They are responsible, innovative and at the same time, they have fun along the way. They proved that innovation is not conditioned by age, neither is entrepreneurship.

Even if they plan to be doctors and architects, they have an interest in automotive engineering as well.

We are looking forward to their generation creating a network that will be the backbone of this society.

And #WeWontStop supporting education.

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Photo by iXperiment.

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