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Automotive light control units

Light Control Units


Light Control Units or LCUs creates intelligent lighting with innovative control concepts.

Innovation in the automotive industry has accelerated in the recent years. Demand on the market focuses on comfort, safety and security. At AROBS, we are proud to deliver impeccable software engineering services for the main global automobile producers.

Light Control Units are responsible not only for the vehicle’s lighting but for all signaling. Thus, it is essential for the safety of the driver. Also, for the safety of circulation.

However, with technology evolving, LCUs surpass their classical use and become an essential part of modern automotive system design.

LCUs automatically select the light pattern e.g. for weather situation. Additionally, they offer adaptive front lighting systems. Also, adaptive driving beams. Therefore, it is a modern feature of vehicles that are focused on the  customer’s experience.

Light Control Unit – global automotive lighting market

The size of the automotive lighting market, globally was about 18 billion two years ago. It is estimated to reach almost 29 billion in 2026. This growth also indicates the great demand for innovative technologies concerning automotive lighting.

The future of automotive lighting and thus, Lighting Control units will about recognision. Hence, it will not only increase the safety of traffic and the driver but  it will also regulate energy consumption. 

Our LCU expertise covers:

AUTOSAR compliant projects
ISO 14229 (Unified Diagnostic Services)
Basic software (basic layer)
CAN interfaces configuration
RTE configuration

We provide customized software, hardware, mechanical design solutions and system testing for the most diverse vehicle architectures and OEM strategies.

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