OptimallSFA team

OptimallSFA team - the story of the people behind business optimization

OptimallSFA team – Behind every complex software solution, there’s a software development team that works every day to perfect it – the OptimallSFA team is that kind.

Some of the members have been working on it for 15 years now, believe it or not. If that doesn’t show loyalty and dedication, we don’t know what else could!

And it’s all worth it, cause today over 300 clients and counting, benefit from the Optimall software solutions suite, across 10 major industries.

But let’s find out more about the people that put so much passion into their work.

OptimallSFA Team

Alexandru, Head of Support

My first and only job so far began in AROBS, in the Bucharest office, 15 years ago, on the technical consultant position in the OptimallSFA team, after accepting a friend’s proposal that was already working there. For eleven years I worked from Bucharest and I took care of the clients from the south of the country, keeping a close connection and collaboration with my colleagues from Cluj. After that, I relocated to Cluj, to be closer to the team, on the team lead position in the Support Department. All this time, together with the team, we adapted, reinvented, organized better every time we had to, so that all our clients would be satisfied by our solutions and the support we gave them. I like that my work, as well as my peers’, put into code, testing and quality technical support, makes all final users of our apps carry out their activity in good conditions, and help them in extension, to bring value to their work, day by day. I also appreciate that I work with cool and dedicated team members. Freedom of speech and taking decisions are encouraged. Our ideas are later on transformed into code, whether we’re talking about an entire workflow, a piece of it, or just a functionality. You have access to courses for personal development as well as professional. Not to mention interacting with clients from various industries. In 2020, the biggest professional challenge was readapting to remote work (from home), without my peers, and raise the level of support we gave our clients. For 2021 I want us to deliver the new projects on time, offer quality technical support, and attend along with my teammates, soft-skills and leadership courses.

OptimallSFA Team

Andreea Goder, Marketing Specialist

I’m part of the OptimallSFA team since 2019 when I was chosen for an internship program in the marketing department. After the program, I was hired as a marketing Specialist to help the OptimallSFA brand grow online and offline. Although 2020 surprised every one of us, I can say that for me it was a memorable year and full of challenges. I took over all the activity in the Optimall Marketing department and I managed to face all the challenges with the help and support of my colleagues. Every day in the AROBS family is a new opportunity to expose my ideas and help the Optimall brand come to life. I hope that 2021 brings professional challenges as well as personal ones. 2021, surprise me!

OptimallSFA Team

Ioana L., Key Account Manager

I’ve joined the OptimallSFA team, three and half years ago, on the Key Account Manager position, excited about changing the domain activity. The software solution that we previously promoted to our clients was a dedicated one, OptimallSFA, this also being the first product of the Optimall division. From the second year at AROBS, I had the chance to be part of the team that developed two new solutions (Logistic and API), which we added to the existing portfolio, having great satisfaction after the feedback got from our clients. I would define 2020 through two words “adaptability”, the key to overcoming the moments that took us by surprise, and “humanity” because it has been proven that the connections between people, teams, and clients can make the difference. I’m glad to know that I have a dedicated and creative team daily and I’m sure that together we can face any challenge. So, 2021, bring it on!

OptimallSFA Team

Mihai D., Project Manager

I’ve joined the AROBS team in 2008. After working for a while on Optimall Palm, as well as a few internal projects and outsourcing, in 2010 I came back to Optimall as the development team lead. I found here dedicated colleagues and open to new challenges. Together we rewrote the old Optimall PalmOS, the new OptimallSFA Android and we developed the projects that today compose the Optimall suite: SFA, Logistic, and since 2020 the new Optimall Connector, a bridge between the online stores and the management systems. In 13 years of AROBS, I met a lot of nice people, people with whom I collaborated and contribute to my personal and professional evolution. The projects we are working on have high complexity, we have technical or business challenges daily which motivate me and help me grow. 2020 was an unusual year in which we had to adapt, learn to communicate better, find solutions, and perform in different conditions that we were used to doing. I believe we managed to do it. I’m looking towards 2021 with confidence, I want to do things even better, grow more, develop my soft skills, leadership, and management skills.

OptimallSFA Team

Alexandra N., Software Tester

I joined AROBS Company almost three years ago as a part of OptimallSFA Team. My previous experience was working as a tester for the gaming industry. Back then, my biggest dream was having the chance to see how it would have been to work as a tester on a software product. One lucky day, I got an interview at AROBS and they decided to make my dream come true. Now, I can say that I have my dream job. I am working on two software projects that I love and help to improve "OptimallSFA" and "Optimall Logistic". Also, I have the greatest respect for Optimall clients, they give me the strength to overcome any obstacles. The biggest professional challenge of 2020 was having to face the complexity of different projects that I, as part of the Optimall team, successfully delivered to the clients. In 2021, I am planning to make our clients happier day by day, by offering them the expected quality for software products. Allow your job to become your hobby! 🙂 Optimall has developed no less than six solutions over the years that can help optimize businesses: SFA, WMS, TMS, and CRM solutions. From sales, warehouse inventory management, TMS systems, distribution automation, to business intelligence software, OptimallSFA covers them all. Not to mention that they can be integrated with 73 ERP systems. From the first product launched by AROBS back in 2003, to a complex and innovative solution that contributes to other businesses’ growth, the Optimall team has worked constantly to improve it.

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