Our people from AROBS Tg. Mureș

Our 5 years’ celebration of AROBS Tg. Mureș is clear proof that in the heart of small cities lies an important potential for the IT niche. Our team’s growth and the valuable work in software development it brings inside our company proves that AROBS Tg.Mureș, in its 5 years of activity has transformed into a powerful core in the local IT ecosystem. We’ve developed high expertise working on important projects like travel software, enterprise solutions and automotive.

‘Beginnings are hard. I remember us being only four people and now we are so many. I’m glad we’re here today, together.” – Voicu Oprean, Founder&CEO AROBS

More than that, we gathered experienced specialists, that bring a remarkable input in top tech industry projects. In the automotive industry, we’re working on components and software for car models that haven’t seen yet the market daylight but are building the future. For travel, we optimize and maintain Big Data platforms and create the best enterprise solutions.

We wanted to go back in time with our colleagues and ask them about their history with AROBS. We found out some pretty good stories to tell considering their 5 anniversaries celebrated with AROBS.

Read them below and get to know them a little better.

Bogdan, PM, and product owner AROBS Tg.Mureș - “I feel like it’s the company that gives the most care to its employees.”​

“I ended up at AROBS after doing architecture software for 12 years. A co-worker knew someone from AROBS and that’s how I made it here. After all this time I stayed for the people in AROBS. For my team and the growing opportunities, I chose to remain. Now I’m a project manager with a team of 40 people divided between AROBS Tg.Mureș and Arad. It’s important that you never stop learning and have patience with yourself and others.

AROBS is the fourth company I work with and above all, the most important thing for me remains the fact that I feel like this is the company that offers the most to its people.”

Bogdan, Branch manager AROBS Tg.Mureș – “I have a sense of accomplishment with my work that I didn’t use to have at my other jobs.

“I used to work at a bank in the IT department. But I felt that the technical part wasn’t enough for me, I wanted to try people management. I took into consideration relocating to Cluj. So, I applied for a job at AROBS and had an interview. In the second interview, I was told about the possibility of opening an office here in Mures. Soon after, I had a discussion with Voicu about how we could implement the idea which gave me the trust I needed to accept the job. At first, I had various attributions: from sending packages, people management, interviews, and even client discussions. When we managed to grow as a team, I took over the business development part and people management. In a small community knowing everyone in person gives you a more familiar feeling. I have a sense of accomplishment for my work, I feel no pressure and I come to work happy.”

Peto, Technical Lead – “The success of this office came as a result of all these people‘s efforts who considered it’s worth creating opportunities even in a small community.”​

“I’m passionate about IT since I was little. My first contact with a computer was when my dad brought one home from work. The rest came very naturally on the same path, school, high school, and university. I had several jobs, including in Timisoara and Budapest at one point, which gave me the opportunity of growth. But I always said that if I ever get the chance of doing what I like here, in my hometown, I will take the chance. And at one point this opportunity came up. I was contacted by someone from the management team and asked me to contribute to opening a new AROBS office here. Considering that we were talking about automotive and Embedded technology, I said yes. 5 years later at AROBS Tg.Mureș, we all put in the effort and contributed in bringing good people to build the team. “

Mihai, Software PM – „On the automotive branch, we barely have local competition.”

 „I thought of moving in Cluj at first, but then I heard good things about AROBS, which at that moment had just entered the local market. So, I came in on the PM position, but on a totally different domain that before – automotive. I studied and adapted. It’s important to remain open and be able to compare a field to another. I previously worked in web, where things should happen „yesterday”, in automotive they go on a slower, but safer path. There’s important documentation and analysis at the roots of every project. I feel I’ve grown a lot professionally and I really appreciate the fact that the team here has grown continuously. This reflects the fact that things are on a good direction. „

Without a doubt, the small communities are lurking valuable IT human resources. This can be preserved inside the community by creating the appropriate contexts and initiatives, like #AROBSMures.

The contribution in developing an ecosystem that sustains this industry with an exponential growth, will attract by default the community’s development in every important aspect: economically, socially, culturally.

AROBS positions itself as a strong pillar in the local community, by supporting programs dedicated to the young generation, specifically internships and events for students that wish to enter the IT field. Furthermore, we create constant job opportunities for the senior IT specialists.

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