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A Complete Telemarketing Solution

Overpass, a US-based tech company with offices in NY & NJ, has developed a telemarketing solution that optimizes a business’s call center activities and expenses, providing an out-of-the-box alternative to the traditional brick and mortar model.

The old business model has always been plagued with nagging issues: high overhead, lack of transparency, inconsistency with brand messaging, poor customer service, etc. By consolidating the entire customer engagement process and moving it to the cloud, Overpass has created the first call center marketplace that makes it easy to hire, set up, and monitor any type of campaign from end-to-end. All the talent and tools are in one place to tailor a campaign to its exact needs.

The collaboration between Overpass and AROBS software development team started with the need to find talented JavaScript developers to scale up the US team. In a discussion with Yamen Bendit, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer @Overpass, he said:

"A key factor for our product development team's success is having the ability to work cohesively. After visiting AROBS' offices and meeting some of the staff, I was impressed by their dedication to delivering quality services and their overall flexibility. This was very important for us when looking to expand our team. The developers and QA team members from AROBS were able to easily work with our in-house team and contribute to the overall development flow."

Talented JavaScript developers

The most important outcome of our collaboration was the creation of a great product. AROBS specialists have helped Overpass build an amazing platform that will enable companies and contractors looking for remote work to excel in their business goals. As Yamen Bendit said, “The development of a successful product starts with cultivating a great team.” He considers the team that Overpass and AROBS have built one of the key competitive aspects of our collaboration, a complete telemarketing solution. We are looking forward to work on our common growth!

More about Overpass here 

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