SAFe Meetup with Neru Obhrai, international coach and consultant

SAFe Meetup is an event out of a large series of meetings and workshops that AROBS wants to bring to the IT community in Cluj-Napoca. Neru Obhrai is an international trainer and consultant in SAFe framework methodology with a vast expertise in IT and an active consultant for global clients. SAFe is already adopted in our Travel&Hospitality software division.


All IT people gather and come and meet us for a talk about SAFe, the world-leading framework for enterprise agility, on Monday, the 16th of September, at Cluj Business Center. The Meetup under the topic “Moving out of first gear – how not to stall?” will be held by Neru Obhraiinternational coach and specialist in SAFe. Most important, the event is open to all those who wish to know more about the subject, already work with this framework or want to implement it in their company. Therefore, we will start with a welcoming networking session. Also, after the main presentation, a Q&A session will be held on the topic. We will use, an online application, to ease the process.

Nevertheless, there are a limited number of places and we wouldn’t want you to miss, probably the only FREE open event about SAFe, this fall, in Cluj-Napoca.

Why be there?

Neru will talk about how team can have a meaningful transformation experience. If you’re a developer, it will help you discover a new framework that might work better for you and your team. Likewise, if you’re in a project manager or high management role, it is even more suitable. You already know you need new methods to increase productivity and deliver. There’s always room for growth! In other words, you shouldn’t miss out on this event, especially if you want to be up to date with the best practices in your industry.

So, save your seat HERE.

About Neru

Confident and experienced IT Portfolio Professional, leading and shaping successful IT solutions for large and complex business change programmes to the airline industry, to successfully transform digital delivery teams to the SAFe framework.

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