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Java – an evergreen language for software application development

Java can be easily considered “something old and something new” all in one, because its role in software application development has remained unchanged. It’s the first to-go programming language, the fast reliable and secure base for web applications, gaming consoles, cell phones and many more. No wonder the number of Java enthusiasts is continuously growing. In fact, 6 young interns just kick-started their careers in Java recently by successfully finishing their 8 weeks internship in AROBS.

The project

The youngsters’ challenge was, of course, connecting the dots between the new information received from their mentors and what they already know. Their purpose –  further develop the back-end part of an internal application – Meetups By AROBS. The app integrates different functionalities like creating events, attending them and reward for participation. During the 8 weeks, they had to work as a team and go through the entire process, from design to implementation and deploy. While reproducing on a smaller scale the workflow of a software application development.

The tech part

From working with a database, specifically MySQL, to using Spring, Spring Boot, Hibernate they took theory into practice. They also had the chance to learn and work with a few old school technologies like Servlet, JSP to get a better understanding of software application development fundamentals. Though we are speaking about technology, working with it also implies knowing how to ask for help.

Technically speaking, I learned new things that I will surely use in my future career as a software developer. On a less technical note, I learned to help and accept the help of others when needed. My recommendation for students is to take the chance of an internship, no matter the programming language or technology. The experience is a great sneak peek to the software developer career.” – Daria P., Java intern

Where does Java apply

Java is one of the most popular programming languages applied in software application development. The 6 interns have gained knowledge that opened the opportunity door to become our peers. Furthermore, some stepped among the hundreds of Java developers in AROBS that work every  day to offer the best software solutions.

Whether we talk about Travel software, Enterprise solutions,  software development relies a lot on the work of Java developers.

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