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The work behind a worldwide eCommerce platform - “complex, interesting, useful, captivating, diverse”

Developing an eCommerce platform is one of the most challenging projects, considering that shopping online is at the moment one of the most popular activities worldwide. Imagine the amount of software development and work that stands behind your user experience with millions of products, just to meet your expectations.

Due to custom enterprise software development that implies thousands of complex functionalities created with the newest technologies, your favorite items are just a few clicks away, and the retail eCommerce sales reached 4.28 trillion US dollars in 2020.

Impressive, right? That’s why we’ll let you in on a few insights about what it takes to build and optimize a global platform for a multicultural audience. And why our experts consider it one of the most captivating works they did so far.

What makes this eCommerce platform project different?

eCommerce platform“I am the Scrum Master of two amazing teams. First of all, I like the people I work with. I joined the project at a stage where the teams were already formed and I was received with a lot of openness and warmth. I found great people, from different cultures and areas (Brazil, Ireland, Ukraine, Spain) who get involved and come up with new ideas, both on the technical side and on the business side. I like the fact that even the most experienced technical people are easy to approach, creative, and eager to help, whatever my question is. I can say that it is the first project in which we found a different culture, focused on harmonious growth, where first we invest in people and then we expect results.

We have practice communities in which we collaborate, share experiences, and try to improve what we do together. There is flexibility and balance in what I do and in the way I can organize my work and personal life.

Both the project and the business are complex and with various development opportunities. Being an eCommerce product, I feel how my work has a direct impact and I myself benefit from what my colleagues implement.” – Iulia R., Scrum Master

“Within the eCommerce platform project, I hold the position of backend engineer. Among other things, mostly I like the diversity of the work I do every day. Being a high load, cloud-hosted distributed system, technical challenges come from all areas and phases of development, from designing functionalities to performance and security in the production environment.eCommerce project

The size and complexity, both technically and from a business point of view, are listed among the factors that make this project different and interesting. To facilitate the development and efficient operation of a large number of microservices, best development practices are used and the quality level is high.” – Filip C., Backend Engineer

“I find interesting is the diversity of cultures of the people working on this eCommerce platform. Very different cultures, with different work schedules, different habits, and traditions, and yet, the vision and the way we interact are common to each other.

I am currently working on is a full stack developer position, interacting every day with all the technologies, because I have to cover both the front-end and the back-end parts. I can say that it is a rather challenging position that requires context switch quite often, but the amount of knowledge gained is very large. I think that’s what I like most about what I do, the fact that I learn a lot of super interesting things (I’m a self and fast learner), and the fact that I interact with both front-end and back-end at the same time, helps me to create my complete image in terms of application flow.”, – Paul H., Full Stack Developer

eCommerce project

Would you fit in?

“If you work in outsourcing but you also want a product company flavor, this eCommerce platform is the right mix. If you want to have the freedom to learn and experiment with different technologies, here you will find the necessary framework. I could say a lot more, but in my case, it all comes down to how I feel, and I feel good in the project with the people I work with, I feel good when we build together and enjoy what I accomplished. I feel good when my work is appreciated, people are happy and eager to help. If you want to feel good about yourself and what you achieved at the end of the day, then this is the right project for you.” – Iulia R, Scrum Master

eCommerce platform“A very interesting thing that I like about this project and that I did not meet in the previous projects that I worked on is PI Planning (Program Increment Planning). All this is to define a well-developed plan and provide a clear vision of what you will do for the next 3 months. Another thing that I find interesting is the diversity of cultures of the people working on this project. Very different cultures, with different work schedules, different habits, and traditions, and yet, the vision and the way we interact are common to each other.” – Paul H., Full Stack Developer

“If you are a curious person, passionate, and eager to work with the latest technologies, this project is for you. I think it’s a great opportunity to learn new things and to work with experienced colleagues in a multicultural team where initiatives and teamwork are encouraged. Last but not least, you will have the chance to work for a leading customer in the eCommerce industry where your work will be appreciated by brands and buyers around the world.” – Filip C, Backend Engineer

The eCommerce platform is just one of the impactful projects that our teams are working on.

We’re creating software solutions for the Travel&Hospitality industry, Life Sciences &IoT, Automotive, Enterprises, and Fintech. Whatever you’re passionate about, you might just find the place for you in our team.

Still, need convincing? Take a look at our career page here, and get a glimpse of the AROBS experience.

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