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Top Companies of 2020 - AROBS wins 4th

Top companies of 2020? Yes. We are very happy to announce that AROBS ranks 4th in the National Top of Companies this year. This prestigious place is awarded by The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania highlighting our software development company in the Research, Development, and High-tech large companies’ section.

This award recognizes the cumulative effort of all AROBS’ business lines from IT outsourcing to individual products for the Romanian market.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Romania

This award is especially prestigious given that it was awarded by the Chamber of Commerce. This institution supports and advocates for the whole national business sector managing an open conversation between the private and public sector but also keeping in touch with associations.

Top companies – The big players

When it comes to the winners of the Research, Development, and High-tech section, we also need to mention this is for the big players of the business sector. Along AROBS, some of the winners are eMag – the biggest e-commerce platform in Romania and ING – representing the Banking sector.


AROBS is one of the top software development companies in Romania, and it is one of the few that has 100% Romanian ownership. With over 20 years of experience in this industry and almost 1000 employees all over the world, the company’s prosperity contributes greatly to the national business ecosystem.

Even though 2020 was a difficult year for businesses at a global level, AROBS’s high expertise in Enterprise solutions, Automotive, IoT, Life Sciences, and Travel&Hospitality contributed greatly to the company’s agile adaptability.

Besides the contribution to the business sector, AROBS keeps the community close as well. Almost all the company’s external initiatives have the community as the beneficiary, whether it is about public health, social responsibility, or climate action.

AROBS is proud to be awarded by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, given that it is proudly a Romanian company. More specifically, it is the only Romanian company out of the top 4 awarded in the Research, Development, and High-tech section in 2020.


Image source: AROBS

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