UCMS Group Romania by AROBS at HR Summit 2019

UCMS Group Romania by AROBS will attend the 2019 HR Summit event, which will take place in Cluj-Napoca, in 24th of October.

Over 200 managers, HR, CEOs, trainers, and human resources specialists will attend this already well-known event. The buzzwords and topics of the event will be the profile of the Romanian leader, recruitment, culture & internal communication, software solutions, continuous and online learning. Ionuț Gherle, CEO of UCMS Grup Romania, will pitch the True HR and dp-Payroll, the two HR solutions developed by UCMS, in front of the participants at the HR Summit.

True HR is a specialized solution for human resources administration and a enrolment application that covers the management of all the procedures in this field: the recruitment, administration, evaluation, and training of staffs, as well as the management of timesheets or other processes, intended to sustain the activity of the HR division.

dp-Payroll is a specific solution for payroll administration that offers the comprehensive and well-organized supervision of personal and contractual data about the staffs. At the same time, it competently manages the administrative structure of the corporation, it gathers, and it analyse the attending information.

UCMS Grup Romania is part of the AROBS group, since 2019. The acquisition is an significant step in AROBS Transilvania Software’s growing strategy, adding UCMS Romania’s two well-known HR applications to its offer -True HR and dp-Payroll. 

One key goal for UCMS by AROBS is developing the client experience for operators of the products and to shorten response times during implementation and improving the apps through the newest technologies. 

Read more about True HR and dpPayroll

Let us talk more about our HR solutions, we will be waiting for you at our UCMS by AROBS booth, to have a talk in the front of a special designed coffee.

See you there!

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