Walking Month — counting steps for a good cause

Walking Month is a campaign that aims to make us healthier by walking. At the same time, it raises awareness and money for a good cause.

We are officially joining the viral campaign where companies all around Cluj-Napoca, Romania, are inviting their teams to count their steps.
AROBS donates the participation fee of every team member to create the first-ever social ambulance in Transylvania. This will offer medical care to people in rural areas.

During Walking Month, between 16th of September and 15th of October, every step will be counted. Then, the average number of steps/company will be compared and the company with the highest average will win.
So, we are starting our extra walks, full-on, with our very best. Parents who run after children, youngsters who run after their pet dog, marathonist and team members who just enjoy a walk in the park.

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