1 year of #AROBSArad

AROBS Arad Software Services celebrated on the 7th of May, one year since we opened the doors of our new office.  We started with small steps and today we are glad to say that our team there has now 11 members. They put passion every day in our projects developing the best automotive software and hardware solutions. Our mission is to provide the best automotive engineering services and contribute to the development of the local community.

AROBS Arad arrives in the community with the will to create a gate to the IT ecosystem for those who wish to have a job in the heart of the city. And of course, who work with dedication in automotive engineering.

“I’m glad to see that our colleagues from Cluj-Napoca and the business group manager. They came and surprised us with caricatures. It was really fun and I can’t believe how fast this year has passed. But that’s easy when you have such a great team and you feel like home”, sais Diana, one of our software developers from AROBS Arad.

Nevertheless, one of our biggest clients on automotive paid the team a visit. That lead to a talk about future projects we can collaborate on.

Plans for 2019 in Arad: more than automotive engineering

Since 2018 was such a good year, we have big plans for 2019. We already took the first steps and we’re planning to open the second office in our actual location, Arad Plaza. The new office is dedicated to the growing team and to new projects on automotive engineering, IoT, Life Sciences and Enterprise Solution.

As a result, we have four positions for software developers and an administrative support position that are open and waiting to be filled.

Want to be part of the AROBS team in Arad? Find your career path here: or send us an e-mail at [email protected].

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