AROBS and Servicepro: Great Success Comes from Great Collaboration

Growing businesses is our passion! Today, we explore our growth partnership with Servicepro. The company looked for custom software development services to design and launch a performant platform where car retailers can manage communication with customers in an efficient, GDPR-proof manner. AROBS and Servicepro have been working together for more than 5 years on this customer lifecycle marketing platform and other internal projects. We aim to continue our partnership with many great achievements together.

Thorsten Paulert, Managing Director at Servicepro, was open to sharing his perspective about our collaboration over the years. Continue reading to find out more about our story!

About Servicepro

“We are an advertising agency based in Munich, with a focus on CRM, CX, dialogue marketing, data analytics, and AI. Based on our 40+ years of experience, we believe that success is based on the following principle: the right message to the right person at the right time via the right channel. It is all about the mix of the right elements and some special talents. When it comes to technology, we expanded our talents with the AROBS experts, who helped us significantly improve our customer lifecycle marketing platform,” says Thorsten Paulert.

Our collaboration with AROBS? Sehr gut!

With remarkable expertise in advertising and a vast portfolio of global companies, the Servicepro team had clear and ambitious objectives – creating a more advanced platform that processes big amounts of data through multiple workflows and complex processes. Since we like everything ambitious, we were more than happy to jump in to help.

Thorsten Paulert, the Managing Director, says: “Our collaboration with AROBS? Sehr gut! (Very good!). We needed a team of skilled developers to help us develop a platform that is used by one of the biggest automotive producers in the world. Their requirements were rigorous, and the AROBS specialists helped us check them all! And now, look at us – for more than 5 years we work together on internal and external projects.”

The Benefits of Working Together

Thorsten also told us about the main qualities he has found in the AROBS team. It is important for us to know that we manage to maintain the standards at the highest level and establish long-term partnerships. 

“Their blend of innovation, open collaboration, and strong commitment to deliver the best results makes them an indispensable business partner in the quest for success. With the AROBS team of developers, we made communication more efficient, created streamlined workflows, and ultimately drove better results for our clients.”

We are proud that we are part of the success of Servicepro’s collaboration with one of the most important global automotive producers. Together, we can reach our highest business and technology potential through lasting partnerships.

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