How do we create the future?

The culture is global

AROBS, together with other leading software development companies is a catalyst for change. Culture is global.

Working with the latest technologies these companies facilitate technological progress in automotive, telematics, IoT, travel and hospitality and life sciences, with specific healthcare software development.

AROBS culture

AROBS Transilvania Software, or AROBS, is one of the few software companies in Romania with 100% Romanian capital. It is a fact that the company prides itself in. It all started with 10 friends in a small apartment, over 20 years ago. Today it is delivering software products and customized software to over 14 countries all over the world.

Recently AROBS incorporated a company from Belgium and The Netherlands, that today belong to the AROBS Group. Along with these Western countries, AROBS is present in Hungary, Germany, Serbia, The Republic of Moldova and Indonesia.

Besides AROBS’s specialist’s expertise in automotive, IoT and travel software – a lot of energy is placed the newest healthcare software development. The life sciences business line is responsible for gathering and raising the most competent specialists. They are as good at developing and testing software as having business knowledge.

Therefore, the attractive force of the employer brand has to be powerful. This is the role of our culture.

Culture starts with education

Competition on the market gets higher, software companies invest in their workforce and possible workforce since they are young. Certainly, recruitment sometimes starts at universities. These youngsters enter the company and implicitly the job market through internships.

But it doesn’t stop there. Every employee can benefit from ongoing training on hard or soft skills. Education is continuous. It is also multilingual.

The culture is global

Ultimately, we are European by heart, international by culture. This international spirit makes communication possible. Since most of the healthcare software clients come from the Western hemisphere, even more specifically from the US – language has huge importance.

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