AROBS X-Man Romania

AROBS X-Man Romania - the 10th anniversary edition

AROBS X-Man Romania is the official sponsor of this year’s most complex sports competition. The contest will take place in Oradea on the 1st of June and reunites sportsmen, passionate amateurs, and also children.

A complex competition

AROBS X-Man Romania is one of the strongest competition that challenges the sports passionates. It’s organized by Sports Club Xterra Sport Bihor in partnership with the Romanian Thrialton Federation. Furthermore, the Oradea City Hall offers support and AROBS Transilvania Software is the naming partner.

The contest has various categories, dedicated to individuals, company teams, and even to families. In other words, anyone who wants to test their personal limits regarding body endurance and mental focus can try their luck. Most importantly to mention, the categories include long-distance races of 42 and 21 km for swimming, cycling, and running.

You can read more about them here:

Going international

This year the organizers expect participants from countries like Hungary, The Republic of Moldova, Slovenia, Croatia, France, and even Australia. The competition takes place in close locations in Oradea. For instance, the swimming part will be on an artificial lake outside the city, the bicycle ride on the near hills and the run in the historic center (main square and streets).

Above all, AROBS is proud to announce that two of our colleagues, Trella Tamas and Ferenc Kiss represent us in the competition. They are active participants in this kind of competition, therefore we hope for a place on the podium.

Furthermore, as the main sponsor, we offer a special prize in the competition. The contest will also have a live transmission during the day so that you can follow the participants’ results.

Our company culture supports communities and sports, as well as a balanced work-personal life, encouraging our employees to have an active lifestyle.

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