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The clinical trial phases: time is money and time is life

 The clinical trail phases last a lot and cost even more. AROBS Life Sciences Solutions collaborated on the project that succeeded to drop the amount  by 75%.
3 years of clinical trials cost up to 450 million dollars.

Saving time means saving money and when talking about the pharmaceutical industry, time is also a matter of saving lives.  
By implementing the solution with our collaborator, the entire process of clinical trial phases of the research for a new product became optimized in terms of time and money.
The necessary amount of time drops from a few years to less than a year and, taking into consideration that one day of clinical trials research might cost up to 1.8 million dollars, the total cost of the process is reduced by 75%.

What is our input on this project?

The AROBS Life Sciences Solutions Department has helped to build expertise around specific software that simplifies the clinical trial phases and the entire process the drugs go through, from the research point to the approval, before reaching the consumer. Practically, we help the business entities analyze the features of the drugs faster, so they can send them for approval in a shorter period of time.

Our proven successes in the healthcare software solutions for our international partners, together with our high flexibility to adopt and integrate with the customer’s specific processes and standards, give us the competitive edge to meet the continuous optimization needed on the clinical trial phases research market.

Expertise - AROBS Life Sciences Solutions

We focus on clinical randomization and trial supply management activities with professional Interactive Response Technology (IRT) solutions. This app is built using an innovative Web-based technology for both web and mobile.

Our customers’ needs required a solution that helps them manage patient’s screening and enrollment in clinical trials phases, randomization and drug supply management.

Our solution was to integrate the interactive Web response services (IWRS), which was developed via an Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS). The Web-integrated service built by our developers offers strong reporting capabilities and other practical features.

If you’re interested in simplifying your clinical trial process, maximize the productivity of your manufacturers and work efficiently, get in touch with us!

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