EVs — challenges of a new age

EVs – Electric vehicles-  are getting more popular with consumers at an accelerated pace.  As a result, automotive security is gaining more attention. In this context, software development is the main “engine” for change.

Learn “why”, “what” and “what would be the challenges and vulnerabilities” of the automotive sector together with the dawn of electrical vehicles.

Read a synopsis on EVs and the rising rate of the industry in the first part of this article, here.

Drivers are changing their options

Global warming is one of the reasons consumers are changing options when it comes to choosing the vehicle they drive. Thus, the automotive industry could only adapt. One of the trends is creating hybrid and electric vehicle prototypes that might become the main option for mobility.

This not only revolutionizes a whole industry, it changes the way we live. However, like any new product that needs testing and adjusting, it can have vulnerabilities of its nature.

How does an EV work?

Any vehicle powered by a battery using electricity is called an electric vehicle. Of course, this is not something entirely new in the mobility industry, considering the fact that trains, trolleybuses, trams have been by using electricity for decades. Even so, combustion engines are still a dominant factor, since such an evolution requires time.

One of the main topics, when it comes to the automotive industry is electric vehicles. The rise of electric vehicles comes as the threat of global warming is getting more awareness.

But this rise of changing engine technology brings new challenges.

Read the second part of this article to find out more about vulnerabilities, risks, and challenges.

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