Fast. This is the word of the day. Not just today, every day. Nowadays, everything in the world seems to be moving faster than ever and there is a constant need for faster and better results with zero mistakes. To meet these expectations, humans need help. Therefore, we have just the right solution! We deliver software robots at the new UiPath RPA agency – FastPath Automation.

The birth of a new brand


Being a part of the future is something that anyone wants to be. We took this step forward and we created FastPath Automation, in partnership with UiPath. The brand was born to fulfill the need for automation of the processes, to eliminate errors and to improve the quality of work inside a business.

FastPath Automation is the dedicated brand of CoSo by AROBS for the UiPath RPA projects. It is, as we like to call it, the UiPath RPA agency inside CoSo by AROBS. We have a dedicated team that managed to implement RPA projects in areas such as transport&logistics and insurance.

Silver UiPath Certification


CoSo by AROBS has more than 26 years of experience in process automation. Our experts provide knowledge and experience in software development and RPA and they can deliver any kind of solution for any type of project.

That is why UiPath considered CoSo by AROBS a very valuable and reliable partner and rewarded us with the Silver UiPath Certification for The Netherlands.

Accuracy. Predictability. Profitability


There are many reasons why anyone should choose to work with software robots, but the most important ones are related to the good flow of the business and the power over the entire operation.

The FastPath Automation software robots are very easy to work with because they can merge with the existing system, meaning that you do not have to invest in implementing a new one. Once installed, our software robots are reliable employees, constantly executing operations they were created for without any breaks, delivering error-free results.


FastPath Automation is here to increase the speed of your business, to improve the accuracy of the entire activity and to boost your profitability.

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Let the robots do the work for you!