Humans are cool

Humans are cool, and they might be the coolest thing so far, even when we compare them to the most advanced robots. However, many would argue that exactly because of their (our) dominance, we are headed towards paths that are risking our very existence.

But let’s look at this from a positive perspective. Even if software development exponentially raised the bar for machine intelligence, humans are still dominating.

Humans are complicated and even more so in a word that is getting increasingly hard to navigate. More so, many humans might claim that animals are cooler, especially the pet owners.

However, most of the “things” we deeply care for, have a human form. Our parents, our children, our friends, our lovers. And this is one of the main reasons why the latest experiments in robots have a human form too. Even their name, humanoids, indicates this.

Humans are cool but cooler than robots?

Humans make sense of their environment most easily using comparison. So, what about robots? A lot of business activity is already done by RPA. Humans are cool, but are robots cooler?

The medical professional – human vs. robot

Let’s see. In 2020 we already have robots that are used in medicine. With the start of the current pandemic, three humanoids provided by a Silicon Valley company helped in a Wuhan hospital with Covid-19 patients. They clean, deliver medicine, take patients’ temperature and perform many other tasks which come in very helpful for the medical staff. Also, we already know about live operations performed on humans by robots.

Yet, there are no humanoids (yet) that could tackle complex medical problems. So, the verdict is: Humans are cooler.

The social being – human vs. robot

Surena IV is one of the most evolved humanoids out there, created by engineers in Iran. Thanks to the most advanced engineering services, it detects human faces and objects, it can generate and recognize speech and it can even walk. Also, there is Sophia, the robotic ambassador, created by Hong Kong engineers, that not only can speak, draw, or sing but can also show some emotion.

However, what none of these advanced humanoids can do is raise children. They can’t show real empathy and can’t yet depict complex human emotions. The complex task of a lifetime that requires almost all human abilities. Humans are not perfect, but humans are cool.

The influencer – human vs. robot

Yes indeed, in case you didn’t know, there are robot influencers with a massive following, like Miquela (@lilmiquela). We also have her on our Instagram profile. Miquela, who is actually a digital avatar has over 2,8 million followers as of the writing of this article. However, the biggest human influencer at this time is Cristiano Ronaldo, with over 239 million followers. This is because of trust. Humans are still trusting humans and are reluctant to hand over trust to robots. One more argument that proves that humans are cooler.

Are humans really cool?

Whether humans are cool or not is arguable. In current times the popularity of humankind is quite down among humans itself. Still, when it comes to our greatest values like empathy, education, and relationships, humans are pretty cool.

Furthermore, the hardest question is just as limiting to humans as it is for robots.

Humans are cool vs robots 


Whether humans are cool or not, is up to each one of us.
In this debate, where do you stand?


Image source: Pixabay & Freepik

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