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People of AROBS – IT Support team

Meet the People of AROBS – IT Support. The servers’ “guardians” within the company. The problem solvers when small tech issues become real emergencies.

In these challenging times, we’ve come to realize even more how important is everyone’s role in a software development company. Because we’ve created a bottom-up culture based on a space of involvement and growth, we decided it’s time to put the lights on those who usually work behind the company “curtains”, starting with the IT Support Department.

“If we were to start with an analogy, this is one of my favorites – when we turn on the light in a room, we just touch a switch and there’s light. But behind this simple thing is a whole process – there’s electricity provided by a power plant, where hundreds of people work 24/7 to make sure everything works properly. It’s the same with our department. Most of the time, people don’t realize that behind the simplest service, like the email, there are efforts to provide that service.” – Adrian Hădărean, IT Support Department Manager.

We wanted to know more about their career path, everyday challenges, and a glimpse of what the future holds for them.

Take a look below.

Romeo A., Network Security Engineer

“I’ve joined the AROBS team about 5 years ago, initially in an IT Support position. But with the full support and trust of the team, plus the opportunity, I became a Network Security Engineer. And since then, the interaction with people, the connections I made in this professional environment, and the passion for IT and Information Security, gives me the perfect setup for development. The people in the IT Department usually have a large knowledge spectrum and attributions that imply developing IT products as well as administrative support. In other words, they are the ones that make sure the security systems and all IT services in the company work smoothly 24/24. If we would stop our activity just for one day, all the above and connected would crash and affect the entire organization’s functionality. The biggest challenges that I’ve encountered in my work are adapting to situations, problems, projects that I haven’t been working on before, to manage, coordinate and obtain the best result in the shortest time possible. Nevertheless, my favorite project sort of speak was being a tutor in an AROBS project dedicated to senior citizens that would like to learn to use a computer.”

Monica J., IT Technician

„A year and a half ago, I was having a new start, in a new town, with a new job. But with patience, learning, and my team’s support, I managed to get to a point today where I can take any challenge. Nevertheless, the most important thing is that I am doing what fits me best. My integration in the company happened very fast thanks to my colleagues. So, the people, the diversity, and the professional challenges are the most important attributes of the work I’m searching for, and I found them here. I find the IT Department as an important layer for the good functioning of any company. It’s enough for one service to stop working and things can get out of control quickly. To tell you the truth, the biggest challenge in the end for me was to work in a technical field where not too many women practice this profession. On another note, every day is a challenge. There no day like the other in the IT Department. My plans for the next year is to continue doing what I like and evolve even more in the IT Department, a plan which is already in progress. I hope that 2021 will be a better year in all aspects and hopefully, we will get back to a certain normality.”

Cristian S., Network Administrator

“It all started for me as passion and since 2013, based on a colleague’s recommendation, I began bringing my contribution to the IT Department in AROBS. I think that one of the most important aspects of my daily work is that we always encounter new challenges, which in the end gives you a big satisfaction the moment you manage to solve successfully solve them and see the results of your work. In the present context, considering the technology’s evolution and speed, the lack of an IT Department would expose a company to risks and hold back progress. I believe the biggest challenge as a member of our department is to give your best on a daily basis, to maintain a high quality of work, while adapting to technology evolution. Professionally, 2020 was probably the most challenging till now. We had a lot of changes, but also satisfactions because we succeeded to adapt along the way and keep everything up’n’running.”

Iacob B., Application Support Specialist

”I came to AROBS right after finishing the faculty, in 2016, when I was intensely searching for a job in my field. My path in AROBS in these four years was an ascending one, professionally speaking. Starting with a Technical Support position, after two years I advanced to Application Support Specialist. I love that I always have new technical challenges, that push me to evolve professionally and personally, and most importantly, that I have the freedom to experiment and learn new things. I believe that the absence of an IT department nowadays, for a company that has online-based activity, shouldn’t even be a hypothesis. Though the IT Department’s activity is often not visible or tangible, it’s vital for the proper functioning of the company. In the end, the greatest challenge is to be in a daily dynamic and being able to adapt to unpredictable situations.”

Every organization is a complex system that requires a connection between its departments.

As we like to say – everyone is an important piece of the puzzle.

That’s why, #WeWontStop here with our interviews!

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