AROBS Transilvania Half-Marathon

Run for our forests @ AROBS Transilvania Half-Marathon! For each km you run, we will plant a tree!

The organizers of the AROBS Transilvania Half-Marathon in Cluj-Napoca have launched the invitation to the passionate runners to run for the forests of Cluj.

“What you take from the earth, you must give back. That’s nature. “- Chris d’Lacey, The Fire Within.

With this in mind, the organizers of the AROBS Transilvania Half-Marathon in Cluj-Napoca have launched the invitation to the passionate runners to take part in the competition and their efforts will be rewarded with … a forest.

For every kilometre the participants will run, a tree will be planted in Cluj-Napoca. The event’s sponsor, AROBS, a leading software services company, an important player regarding the IT outsourcing in Romania market, fully supports this initiative. AROBS is not the first major environmental action. Similarly, in the Spring of 2019, hundreds of software developers and their families planted the AROBS Forest, in Floresti, in the Cluj-Napoca metropolitan area.

The organizers of AROBS Transilvania Half-Marathon declares that the sums collected from the participation fees will be invested in the reforestation, with the support of Romsilva and the City Hall of Cluj-Napoca.  Nevertheless, the AROBS Transilvania Half-Marathon team hopes that over 10,000 seedlings will help reforest the lands around Cluj.

A decision well taken

In the light of the latest events, the decision taken by ATHM organizers and sponsors was simply right. It is a response to the environmental catastrophes that are occurring around the globe, which, in 2019, had worried billions of people. As international politics, but also as public opinion, the environmental problems are becoming more and more important. Social media in Romania and around the world is very concerned about the fires in the big forests of the world. Siberia burned weeks in a row in early Summer of 2019. Amazonia burns today and it seems that no one can stop the consuming fire.

All this in the increasingly alarming context of global environmental issues. Not to mention, we still use fossil fuels as a primary energy source, which increases radiation and contributes to global warming. Let’s not forget the plastic-filled oceans and forests cut down just to produce oil.

Furthermore, this effort made by the ATHM organizers is worth considering by each of us. Let’s start thinking more about this planet, the effects of our daily actions, what the consequences are for the environment.

My minimal effort and your minimal effort will keep Earth a place where we can all live, love and laugh. One house for every species that exists.

Do you want to run for our forests? Join the AROBS Transilvania Half-Marathon and take advantage of the early-bird rates. More details here

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