RYTEBOX: It's all one team

One of the most exciting software development projects on Enterprise Solutions’ business line is based on an enduring collaboration with Axispoint. The company specializes in developing technologies designed to solve business problems for content, media, and creative disciplines. We have collaborated for over 10 years, creating many successful custom enterprise software development projects together. A meaningful project is RYTEBOX Powered by Axispoint, a global music rights and royalty management platform. Scott Powell, founder and president of RYTEBOX, and his colleague, Matt Howard, Chief Technical Architect, visited our office in Cluj-Napoca. On this occasion, they openly agreed to talk about our partnership.



Scott Powell and his colleague, Matt Howard, clearly summarized their activity and helped us remember how powerful our long-term collaboration is. According to our partners, RYTEBOX is a global rights management and royalty processing platform for the music industry; it’s a SaaS product. We are based in New York, but we have team members all around the U.S. We primarily work with U.S. companies, but in the music industry every business is a global business. So, we’ve worked with AROBS over the years on all kinds of projects together, and about five years ago started to build our own platform, a SaaS product for the industry. We’ve had a great experience working together.”



RYTEBOX & AROBS Surpassing Business and Technical Challenges Together


Finding a matching team might be challenging for some companies. Matt and Scott know that growing a global company like RYTEBOX is complicated sometimes, and they also know that finding a stable partner is more complex than it appears. Working with AROBS for more than a decade broke this pattern. As Scott mentioned in the testimonial, our specialists helped their business scale their team and face any challenge.


“We’re a software development consulting and engineering company, and we pride ourselves in being able to solve complicated business problems for our customers. We have worked with many companies over the years to help us scale and get geographic coverage. And you know, not many of those partnerships last very long. So, our partnership with AROBS is now more than a decade, and it’s because of, you know, a good match-up with people and culture and the ability to scale our team as we need to.”


Of course, our partnership with RYTEBOX is also based on delivering the best results. Thanks to our colleagues’ eagerness to develop their technical skills based on our internal learning resources, they conceived complex projects. Matt highlighted the main qualities of the AROBS team that helped their business the most on the technical side.


“It's easy to find developers. It's hard to find developers that can do the kinds of projects we get to do. We need people that kind of have experience with distributed systems or high-volume data processing, complex domains, and those are much harder to find. We've had a lot of success with AROBS being able to locate those people, train them up. Even I've been very impressed with their ability to find juniors and get them trained quickly, to find, you know, good people that have a solid foundation to build on top of and turn them into the seniors. So, it's been very successful.”


Hospitality, Good Collaboration, and a Culture of Ownership


Asking Scott and Matt the main reasons why they would recommend a partnership with AROBS, we were delighted to hear how much value our culture brings to our collaboration. We are European by birth and international by culture – the partnership with RYTEBOX is one of the best proofs.


“One big differentiator is the people and the culture. So, the first time I came to Cluj 10 years ago or maybe 12 years ago, it started with a coffee, and every time I come into the office it starts with a coffee. So, that's something that's common across all the offices and all the teams – you start with a coffee and good conversation, and then you get to work. Also, everyone is very hospitable, and we always have a great time visiting, and the more we visit the better the collaboration is.”


As an extension to the culture, I think there is a culture of ownership that is also hard to find anywhere for any developer, certainly with remote partnerships especially. I feel like I have a lot of people that will question what I’m asking them to do, and often bet and push back if they don’t agree which is important, because one of the worst things you can get is someone doing exactly what you’ve asked for when you haven’t thought through the details.” Matt Howard, Chief Technical Architect


We are #MoreThanJustATeam, we are Partners!


Scott and Matt have given us a complex insight into our long-time collaboration with them. We are happy that our team’s efforts contributed to scaling RYTEBOX, offering a quality experience for our partners. As Scott said, it’s not a vendor relationship, but a real partnership (…). It’s all one team.


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