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Splendia - Luxury Hotel Booking Solution

Splendia is a luxury hotel booking solution and it is an award-winning online travel agent platform that offers an exclusively curated selection of exceptional hotels worldwide and exquisite services to passionate travelers. It exceeds its basic functionality as an online travel agent by establishing a trustworthy relationship with the selected hotel partners and offering the end-customer the best options for an unforgettable experience. The concept was brought to life by Elie de Coignac and Benoît Durand, who met in Marrakesh and found a common passion for e-commerce and luxury travel. Together they built up a website dedicated to discovering and traveling to the most hidden gems, in terms of accommodation. At this moment, Splendia is based in Barcelona, with a 40+ members team, a strong portfolio of 3,000 hotels placed worldwide. Splendia serves more than 1,5 million customers.

“Traveling is not just going in (on) a journey, that’s why I created a platform, Splendia, that offers you a travel experience that is easy to manage and enjoyable. Thanks to AROBS' commitment and their expertise on the travel industry, the platform they developed for us, Splendia, was acquired by Voyage Privé”
Elie de Cogniac
founder and Managing Director Splendia

The Business Challenge for the Splendia booking solution

Luxury travel requires higher standards starting from the place where a customer books his journey. And the journey starts online, asking for a positive impact from the first click – the booking solution is vital. When we were approached by Splendia they had several important aspects that needed to be optimized or replaced overall. One was the legacy code spread in various sub-domains. The challenge for our team was to gather the data in one place, into a single platform with high functionality and responsiveness. Also, AROBS needed to create a new design to it and build a central console that could be easily used by hotel owners, market managers, customer support and Splendia administrators. Another important part of the challenge was to improve the security of the payment methods required by industry standards.

AROBS Approach for Splendia Booking Solution

Our custom travel solutions involved from the beginning the implementation of the latest technologies. We have improved page load speed, redundancy and managed to drop the offline time of the website up time to 99.99% for the entire year of 2017. We attained PCI (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) level one compliance by implementing API at REST standards. Compliance with PCI standards helps to alleviate vulnerabilities in the card-processing ecosystem. This  included mobile devices, computers and servers, and protect cardholder data. In addition, we redesigned the server’s infrastructure and moved it from the US to the UK.

  • RedHat
  • CentOS
  • Database
  • Mongo DB
  • Mysql
  • Cache
  • Memcached
  • Php 7
  • Symfony FW
  • JavaScript
  • NodeJS
  • ExpressJS FW
  • AngularJS
  • Sphinx

Benefits and impact

The user experience reached an optimized level for both direct hotel partners, as well as for end-customers, with a responsiveness of 2-3 seconds per click.

Due to the underlying API structure of the entire application, the integration for various and new partners has become easier. The payments transactions are made at the highest security level of the industry standards.

The hotels registered on the website, using the Booking Solution, could be easily advertised on various platforms due to the improved connectivity.

Above all, the most important milestone in our collaboration was the purchase of Splendia by Voyage Prive, one of the top travel market leaders in France, due to the added value brought by AROBS’s contribution through the latest technologies and business expertise.

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