“U” Cluj photo exhibition in AROBS office

AROBS is continuously supporting the community and sports. This Tuesday, on 19th February, our offices hosted an anniversary photo exhibition for U Cluj football team.

The most loved football team in Cluj is celebrating 100 years of existence, and in partnership with AROBS wanted to show the fans a glimpse of the team’s history.

The exhibition included old photographs with players, as well as articles about important moments in the University’s evolution.

The surprise was that Bogdan Lobonț, the team’s coach and former player of Romania’s national soccer team, together with some of the important team players of U Cluj visited the AROBS office and met our colleagues. They took pictures, gave autographs and talked about the team’s next football season.

The event was also captured by local press and televisions.

AROBS is sponsoring FC Universitatea Cluj and encourages the people in the community to participate in the team’s games in the new sports season that’s about to start.

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