What is SAFe Agile? The IT community of Cluj is learning it

The first SAFe community Meetup powered by AROBS took place on Monday, September 16th. 70 eager participants that now know more about this world-leading work frame in their niche. A complex methodology that large companies around the world are currently using and others here in Cluj-Napoca are adopting as we speak. Its core competencies enable enterprises to successfully respond to volatile market conditions, changing customer needs, and emerging technologies*. The presentation held by our speaker, Neru Obhrai – trainer and consultant in SAFe methodology- gave us an overview as well as specific answers to the audience’s questions.

Are you really Agile?

This is one of the questions you should ask yourself. Many companies consider themselves Agile in their work methodology. The work-frame is so complex and has so many steps that you might only have the illusion that you are following them accurately. So, you should revise if you are really making the right steps.  Furthermore, in this process, being part of the local SAFe community can be of help. Aside from this, if you are using the Agile method, SAFe framework comes as a rather natural step forward for planning and working on larger projects.

Managing teams around the world

SAFe is a Scaled Agile framework that upgrades your work methodology when your company and projects expand to a superior level. When we’re talking about large teams, over 50 members and most probably dispersed in different countries, adopting SAFe becomes only natural. It provides a lean experience for the development team during the project’s complex processes. The benefits are statistically known to be: productivity increased up to 20-50%, quality increased with 50%, time to market is faster – up to 75%, and most importantly, employee engagement and job satisfaction.

It’s only the beginning

In the also called “Silicon Valley of Europe” that is Cluj, embracing the methodology and joining the SAFe community by the local companies is already a must. Knowing and predicting this, AROBS wishes to grow the community inside the IT environment. This will support the knowledge-sharing regarding this framework. We are all looking for the best practices, for evolution, and for building and delivering successful projects. Nevertheless, this first meetup covered the basics as well as the questions of early and late adopters of the methodology that attended with interest and curiosity. Here’s what they concluded after the meetup.

-“I’ve heard about SAFe framework and this session really gave me a good overview of how the SAFe methodology is structured and the available learning resources. I think it was one of the most educational meetups in the BA spectrum this year. Looking forward to the next meetups and their topics.”

-“Some details about SAFe I didn’t know before.”

-“It is almost mandatory to have a coach in SAFe when you start.”

These are just a part of the feedback on our latest event about SAFe with Neru Obhrai.

As the last testimonial concluded, it is important that you receive specialized guidance in implementing the methodology for easier and leaner adoption. We wanted to offer the community a valid source of information and we plan to continue that way with future events.

If you want to be part of the SAFe Meetup community, look for it HERE and join.

Dare to try the AROBS experience!