winners of AROBS X-man Romania

The winners of AROBS X-Man Romania

Who are the winners of AROBS X-Man Romania – 10th-anniversary edition? For us, the winners are each and every one of those who decided that the 1st of June is the day they will discover new limits.

Nevertheless, we have to give the proper credit to the official winners. They made it to the finish line in record time.

Day 1

On the first day, we assisted the young generation in the competition, who are catching up with their ambition and courage. The children run a distance in the city center and afterward finish with a cycling trial. Even more, the weather gave the OK and the contest ended with happy kids and proud parents. Furthermore, it seems that a new generation of X-men is growing.

Day 2

7 am and the participants are ready to jump in the water already. The live stream shows them getting prepared to begin the competition. They dived early in the morning into the Săldăbagiu de Munte lake to complete the 3,8 km distance of swim, the first part of the triathlon. The second part of AROBS X-Man Romania is the cycling trail of 180 km, for a long distance. The last part of the competition implies a distance of 42 km or 21 km run, depending on the section in which they registered. Those who participate in the half triathlon, complete only half of the distances.

Nevertheless, the entire competition counts many hours spent on the route. The first male finisher on the long-distance triathlon is Vrabii Andrei, representing the Republic of Moldova. But certainly, the women section also had strong competitors. The general category was won by Koter Adel from Romania.

For more details about all the winners of AROBS X-Man Romania in all the categories, take a look here.

A great day

This kind of day starts at 7 am and ends somewhere at 23 pm for participants and even later for the organizers. But above all, is an incredible energy in assisting these strong sportsmen in their journey to the finish line. The lessons are limitless. You learn that whatever limit you think you have, can always be pushed and exceeded.

AROBS congratulates all the participants, winners of AROBS X-Man Romania, and not least, the volunteer crew that made the entire day more bearable and fun!

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